11 Months

Whew- with all our traveling and sleeping around on other people’s couches, I have not been keeping up with posts. Last week we were internetless, so hopefully this week Friday Fotos will at least resume. I did take time to write about Jairus’ eleventh month of life, and I have so many pictures to add sometime when I get the desire to be techy, but until then, here’s a brief update on our little (big) guy.


First, let me just say that I am still in denial that in less than a month Jairus will be one year old. Is this how it is going to be now? Years are just going to fly by until I’m an old lady and all of our children are grown up. Sad, but excited for all that the Lord is going to be teaching us in the mean time.

This month has been another fun month with Jairus. Are there any months that aren’t? We spent some time with my mom and dad and began our world tour with excitement to spend 3 weeks with Grammy and Pops in New York. This little one sure has an exciting life.

Jairus went to the beach for the second time in his life, but it was the first time that he was able to enjoy it. When Jordan’s parents came to visit Jairus when he was first born we made a trip to the beach for the first time with our new little bundle. He was sleeping for most of the trip, or eating, and didn’t quite get to soak in the rays. This time he played in the water, ate the sand, and when he discovered he could actually crawl on the sand, I thought we would be there all day. He crawled and crawled as fast as he could all the while laughing and laughing. He loved it.

During the stay at my moms Jairus also went skinny dipping for the first time (leave it to my mom to teach these things…). We found a little river inlet and Jairus dropped trou for a little dip. He LOVES the water and loved being in it. Nanners swang him around in the water and he could not get enough!

My little lover is officially giving kisses, and they are open mouth kisses so beware. Jordan refuses to admit that they are real kisses, but mama knows kisses, and I assure you they are as authentic as an 11 month old kiss can get.

Jairus discovered my belly button this month. I know that sounds weird, but it is actually pretty funny. He puts his little finger inside of it and looks at it like it is one of the strangest things he has ever seen. Then he laughs. I don’t think he really understands that he has a belly button too.

This month Jairus found out that he is going to be an older brother!! He really has no clue what that means or that there is another little blessing in my belly, but still a cool little piece of info.

Jairus and I took a trip with Auntie Natels to North Carolina to visit my dad. It was a great time. Jairus played in the dirt pretty much every day and was filthy! So cute. While we were there we took a trip to the waterfall where Jairus played in the water again (see a pattern? Kid is like a fish). We also went hiking, which was a blast (thanks Dad for carrying that big boy for the whole hike!)

Jairus also discovered how to get off a bed this month while we were staying at my mom’s. It was a little bed, probably lower than most couches, but he did it. He has yet to really do it again. I think the bed was close enough to the ground that he felt safe. It was amazing watching him try and figure out how he could get down- he really has a great patience in trying to figure things out. That week I awoke to Jairus standing on the ground next to me.

Gramps also taught Jairus how to throw. Really. He got a little tennis ball and rolled to it Jairus who then picked it up and “threw” it back. It started out that Jairus would hold the ball palm up and just drop it. Now, he really understands how to throw and pretty much throws everything he can get ahold of. Because of this he really enjoys playing with basketballs and soccer balls. He picks them up over his head and throws them down then he chases after them and repeats…over and over and over. We found it to be the best toy ever and now a basketball travels with us everywhere. Jordan is convinced that it is because he is going to be a pro basketball player one day and he is just getting started early. Maybe.

We also have a couple of words, I think. At least this is what I tell myself. He recognizes dogs and says “pup” when he sees them. Did I mention he LOVES dogs? I mean LOVES! We will have to change that. Anyway, he also has a little word for ball. It sounds like “ball” but not as clear and much more cute than how you or I would say it. Also, when I am feeding him and he wants more he says “mamamamamama.” This is not “MAMA” like “mother”, but “mamamamama” like “more please.” It is helpful and, again, o so cute.

Jairus has become really comfortable crawling now. In fact, he has become quite the climber and is taking more and more risks. Scary, but fun to see him taking chances and growing up into a brave little one.Which reminds me…

Jairus climbed his first staircase while we were at my dad’s! It took a while but that little boy did not give up and treked all the way to the top. Now any time he sees stairs he guns it and climbs up. This has definitely shown me how much more I need to trust the Lord. It’s easy to get scared at the littlest thing for your children, but I am comforted knowing that God is surely in control.

A couple of funny things happened this month: We have been training Jairus not to touch dog water bowls. It seems like everywhere we go there is a dog, and consequently a water bowl. Remember how I told you he loved water? Well water in a dog bowl is no exception. Recently, we were staying at a house that had a dog cage right next to the water bowl. It took some time, but Jairus was finally obeying us when we told him not to touch it. One day while we were at the house I look over at the dog cage and see Jairus hanging on to the very end of the door and stretching his foot at far as it could go to reach the water bowl. He had one little toe in that water bowl and was moving his little foot around to make a tiny little splash. It was probably the funniest thing to date that Jairus has done. I guess he wasn’t touching it with his hands…

Another funny instance happened while we were at our friends house in Arkansas. Let me preface this story by saying that Jairus has fallen off plenty of couches. He is not great at getting down on his own and sometimes will mistakenly swing his little toosh around only to find that there is no couch to rest his pretty hiney on…and splat…right on the floor. Anyway, we put him to sleep in his little co-sleeper next to the gigantic bed we were sleeping in. He was not really wanting to sleep and was putting up a little fight. While crying in the pitch black room he escaped his co-sleeper, got up onto the gigantic bed, and somehow shimmied down the blanket to the ground where he was waiting (crying) at the door for us to open it.  Can someone please explain how a baby cannot seem to get off a couch but can miraculously maneuver down a bed 007 style?


I AM- Judge

“For God will bring every deed into judgment, with every secret thing, whether good or evil.” Ecclesiastes 12:14

“Yet I do not seek my own glory; there is One who seeks it, and he is the judge.” John 8:50

There is only one judge and that is God- one who judges not only the actions of man, but the heart of man. In John 8 Jesus connects the glory He receives from God with God’s judgment, a seemingly nonsensical answer to the Jews accusations, and also to any logical thinker, as this statement makes sense only if one knows The Christ. It is only through Christ that judgment is taken, by God, from man and is then cast onto Christ. This is a concept that is unknown and unacceptable among other religions; God, the judge of all works, good and evil, takes on the judgment of those He saves, thereby judging them in accordance to their relationship with Him. It is through this AMAZING display of love that Jesus Christ is glorified- that HIS work alone is cause for God’s judgment to be satisfied, for us to be made new and for His righteousness to be given to us. All this is possible because God is the Judge.  Because of His position I should be motivated to a couple different responses. Foremost, rejoice in who Christ has made me to be before the Holy, Just, and Righteous Judge, knowing that I am no longer under the judgment of God. Secondly, that I would be motivated to good works because of this. My works are no longer for my gain, but for the glory of Christ.

10 Months

Happy 10 months to the sweetest baby I know.

Wow! My little baby boy is almost a year old- not so baby anymore! Only two more months until the 1-2, I can’t believe it! I know I have not been consistent with these updates, but I found time this month so I figured why not. I have the other months typed out, I just need to get them together and publish them. Anyway, here are the highlights to Jairus 10th month of life:

He has two more teeth!

He started this little guttural sound that he makes when he sees something new or gets excited about something. It is pretty funny.

Along with the guttural sound he started making farting sounds. As if the farting sounds weren’t gross enough, he produces an incredible amount of spit while making them- so much in fact that it drips in large quantities from his chin. And one sound is not enough. These noises will go on for 5 minutes.

Just the other day at Juniper Spring State Park, Jairus went in a canoe for the first time. This also marks the month that he saw a natural spring for the first time.

As many already know from my exclamatory statement on facebook, Jairus started crawling this month! At first he was not too sure, but finally he got more comfortable and now he is moving right along.

Jairus has incredible balancing skills. He balances for minutes at a time, and even has fun playing a little game where he balances and then throws himself forward. He thinks falling is fun as long as someone catches him.

His extreme balancing skills lead him to TAKE HIS FIRST STEP!! That is right, folks! One little itty bitty step, but he did it- 3 different times. That little booger will be walking in no time.

Even though Jairus can crawl he still enjoys walking around while holding onto anything that will support him. He started moving chairs around the house and opening and closing cabinets. His FAVORITE thing is the dishwasher. He loves to come and help mama do the dishes. The only problem is that he would rather take the dishes OUT than put them in; fine when I am taking out clean dishes, not so helpful when I am putting in dirty dishes. He takes the silverware out of the little container and drops it to the ground. So cute and such a little helper. He also likes the fridge but for the same reason that a moth likes a lightbulb- the light.

Jairus also attended his first Pat Parelli clinic. Most of you probably don’t know or care what that is, but for those who do, you know what a monumental, life changing, character shaping moment that was.

His words are becoming more clear and he seems to be mimicking. My mom says that his first word was Pat Parelli…it might be true.

His is still so smiley.

The kid loves the bath, I mean LOVES the bath. He loves the water coming from the faucet and loves splashing around water everywhere. It is so cute. He even loves when I pour water on his head- I can’t wait to take him to a waterfall and see how he likes that.

We are moving again! Back to Pensacola this time- so another road trip is in his future.

I AM-Good

“Or do you presume on the riches of his kindness and forbearance and patience, not knowing that God’s kindness is meant to lead you to repentance?”Romans 2:4

“Good and upright is the Lord; therefore he instructs sinners in the way. He leads the humble in what is right,and teaches the humble his way. All the paths of the Lord are steadfast love and faithfulness for those who keep his covenant and his testimonies.” Psalm 25:8-10

Because God is good I can trust in His motives and reasonings. Romans says that the kindness of God leads to repentance, whether by His Word or the loving truthful word of a friend. Psalm 25 says that the Lord is good and upright and because of this, He will teach sinners in the way. The conviction and repentance brought about by the Spirit is a testimony of the kindness of the Father-for whom the father love he also chastises. His desire is to reconcile and restore me to Himself. His goodness leads Him to teach me the way that is right and to lead me in the way of righteousness.

Although God has all right to rain down his wrath, His goodness inclines Him to bring me a repentant heart and a righteous walk. He is good, and so He desires His children to walk in the way that is good- a desire that He brings about in our lives because He is kind. My ability to walk the path of God is by His kindness. I can be encouraged that while I may not feel growth, He indeed is growing me and that when I feel the conviction of my sin it is not because God wants me to wallow in self pity, but to rejoice in His kindness which seeks to replace condemnation with salvation. Freedom in Christ is knowing that our good works are not wrought by our own efforts, but by the kindness of God whose Spirit refines and finishes us into the image of His son.


Called To Be Mothers

Called to be Mothers

By Elisabeth Elliot

“You mean that’s all you do?”

That’s all? As a mother, your life is given to taking care of people–small ones, to begin with, whose wants never seem to cease. Sometimes when your days seem to be wholly taken up with wiping things–dishes and sinks, little runny noses and big slow tears–you wonder about what “fulfillment” is supposed to mean for you. You wonder about being (besides the perfect wife and mother) the hostess-with-the-mostest, creative, intellectually productive, beautiful… and slowly your dreams seem to evaporate.

You’ve been listening to what they’re telling us nowadays about how important it is to find yourself, express yourself and assert yourself. Maybe you’re thinking that you’re nothing more than somebody’s wife and somebody else’s mother. And what kind of life is that?

There is a tribe in the Southern Sudan called “Nuers” where a woman’s name is changed not when she becomes a wife, but when she becomes a mother. She is “ManPuk”–“Mother of Puka.” Among the Nuers, being someone’s mother is what makes a woman’s life meaningful. Two thousand years ago there was another young woman, of the Jewish tribe of Judah, who understood that truth. The world has never forgotten her–Mary, the mother of Jesus–because she was willing to be known as, simply, Someone’s mother.

Motherhood is a calling. It is a womanly calling… and let’s not be cowed by those who extinguish the light and joy of sexuality by trying to persuade us to forget words like manly and womanly. At the beginning of time when God made the first man and the first woman in His image He put both under the divine command to be fruitful. The woman’s obedience to that command meant self-giving. First she gave herself to her husband–he initiated, she responded–then she gave herself for the life of her child.

A woman knows, in the deepest regions of her being, that it is this very self-giving for which she was made. Single or married, her level of maturity is measured by how much she gives to others. If she’s married, she gives herself to her husband and she receives. If she’s a mother, she loses her life in her child and–mysteriously–she finds it.

A woman knows that no one can really say where the giving ends and the receiving starts. It is no wonder we are confused when urged to look for some “better” or “higher” vocation in which to “prove our personhood.” No wonder we are distressed to be subjected to male standards, or told that the notions of femininity and masculinity are obsolete.

Old fashioned notions they are indeed, but they weren’t our own to begin with. They were God’s. He planned the whole system, and it’s God Himself who calls. He calls some to be single, some married people to be childless, but He calls most women to be mothers. There are, the Bible tells us, “differences of gifts,” and they’re all given to us according to God’s grace. None of the gifts of my own life–not my “career” or my work or any other gift–is higher or more precious to me than that of being someone’s mother.

If our calling is to be mothers, let’s be mothers with all our hearts–gladly, simply, and humbly–like that little peasant girl Mary who spoke for all women for all time when she said, “Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to Thy word” (Luke 1:38).