Preggo Pictures



Some new friends of ours here (also missionaries) are starting a photography business and are working on building a portfolio. The husband does an amazing job with portrait images and storytelling images. They needed a pregnant model and thankfully they picked me! :) This is my first pregnancy that has been officially documented with something other than iPhone pictures in front of dirty bathroom mirrors and the pictures he took are gorgeous. What I love most is the story they tell- most of the images were taken in our home- the ones outside are in the plaza in front of our house- the same place I take the kids to play most days. And the busy street I’m standing in the middle of is Blvd. Artigas- the road we live off of. A little mix of the chaos of city life with the beauty of figuring it all out- and waiting, waiting, waiting for the reward ahead. 20150617-FUJI6704 20150618-MFPC2905 20150617-FUJI6717 20150617-FUJI6846 20150618-MFPC2944 20150618-MFPC2927-Edit 20150618-MFPC3031-Edit 20150618-MFPC3009 lg_20150617-FUJI6809-Edit-91 lg_20150618-MFPC2885-Edit-92 20150618-MFPC2937-Edit20150617-FUJI674520150618-MFPC2887


Maldonado and Punta Ballena

Yesterday we had our monthly team fun day- a day when our team leaves the cement of the city behind for some time among the trees. Last month we hiked the “mountain” (the closest and only hillish rock formation near Montevideo) Pan de Azucar- it is so refreshing to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city, and we love that the kids have these opportunities to run free and wild without worrying about cross walks, dog poop, or…death.

Avant has another missionary couple, Larry and Marby, in Maldonado , a city nearly two hours away from Montevideo. Maldonado is the rural area of Punta del Este- the second largest city in Uruguay and the summer city of most Uruguayans. For nearly three months Montevideo’s working class takes a break and heads out for some time away- pretty incredible. We have been told the nicer beaches are in Punta del Este, and while they still don’t have much on the sandy white beaches of Florida, the scenery was gorgeous.

We spent the day at Larry and Marby’s house and it was perfect. The weather was gorgeous and their house has a nice backyard space, complete with a tree swing and chickens! They were so gracious and even ordered for an inflatable jumping toy to come for the afternoon. The kids played endlessly while us parents had a little break of our own. Larry and Marby are newer to Uruguay, but have been with Avant in Mexico and Belize for 21ish years. It is such a joy to sit and learn from them, to hear of their experiences, and to get their perspective on Uruguayan culture as it compares to that of other Latin American cultures. They are one of those generous and fun couples that leave you feeling like you took a long deep breath of the freshest air. Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

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We didn’t spend any time in Punta del Este (hoping to go back soon for a family trip)- but we did stop at a little point called Punta Ballena on our way home. “Ballena,” means whale in Spanish and “Punta,” means Point- so Whale Point is the meaning if you are still following. Supposedly, it’s named for the shape of the peninsula- it looks like a whale tale- BUT (and more excitedly) it is also a great location for whale watching- thats right- I said whale watching. During August, September and maybe October the whale traffic is pretty high in this area and you can see them somewhat close to the shoreline. You BET we will be back after little baby bush 3 is born for a little whale visit- can you say bucket list?

We got to Punta Ballena right as the sun was setting and the view was so peaceful. There is a famous lodge on the point called Casapueblo. It was the former residence of Páez Vilaró, a famous sculptor. I guess he lived there and slowly made additions to the building- treating it like a living and working piece of art. It sure is a sight to behold, but I didn’t get any pictures (sorry- but google is always helpful for these things- we only had the phone for pictures so we weren’t close enough for good photos anyway).

We got a few pictures of the kids playing on the rocks. They are quite the climbers these days.  It’s crazy to think that in less than two months our family will welcome another little one- We are still behind on our list of to-dos for the arrival of this one- most importantly, we still need a name. The first few months of my pregnancy felt like they would never end, and the last couple months just flew right by. We are praying that these last months are a restful time together as four and that we drink in our two little ones before we welcome another into our hearts.

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Our good friends The Ringls welcomed us back into their home after our return from “the world tour,” giving us a warm (sometimes too warm ;) ) and friendly place to stay. I’ve been so amazed by the Lord and how he is using his people to meet so many of our needs. On our trip we were received with the best of hugs and the finest of meals, only to return back to the Ringl’s where they have graciously  and abundantly supplied all our needs, looking over the bowls we’ve broken and the copious amounts of toilet paper we seem to use.  Our car recently broke down (again) and Cassie came to the rescue while God got some men from our church to put their heads (and youtube tutorials) together to install a brand new radiator. The Lord is so faithful to supply all our needs, even when the funds are not all there.

One great blessing has been little Sarah Ringl. It used to be that Jairus could go anywhere and sleep, snuggled up to his mommy despite the noise or excitement. Now everything is a new world and he wears his explorer hat proudly squiggling, squirming, walking and investigating every nook and cranny. While I love his inquisitive little mind, such intrigue has proven to be a bit more work for mama. Closing cabinets, keeping his chubby hands from breakable beauties and his little mouth off every tiny piece of artifact he uncovers has become my new hobby.

But Sarah has been a new companion, slowing his little hands and that curious mind. She’s faster on her feet and has some skills that Jairus has yet to develop. She runs circles around him and talks (more like babbles) his ear off. She steals (well “borrows”) his water bottles and toys and if Jairus is lucky she will bring them back only after she has had her fill of em’. Jairus’ most loved attribute of Sarah is that she finds it fun to throw food. Like little Red Riding Hood, Sarah seems to leave a trail of Cheerios where ever her little feeties travel. Thankfully, Cheerios are a new and special treat for Jairus and in no time the trail has disappeared into his chubby tummy. Sarah feeds him her treats and gives him drinks out of her water bottle. She is quite the little sharer. Thankfully for us mamas they get along perfectly, their cute personalities balancing each other out, and their entertaining one another makes our job a bit easier.

The hot weather of Florida has led these babies to water, in any form. Pools, hoses, buckets and even toilets have been the recent choice of fun, and I am convinced if they could live in the water, they would. Cassie has an awesome little kiddie pool that they took regular dips in and one afternoon we went for a swim in a pool nearby.

Balls never stop. He spots them from anywhere and could play fetch with himself all day.

Little domestic diva making sure Jairus’ ball is free of all debris.

Jairus learned this skill from Sarah.

First she had to shown him, then she gave him the hose to try himself.

This is Sarah’s surprised face.

And this is her snorting favorite of all the faces she makes.

Ready for a nap.