Preggo Pictures



Some new friends of ours here (also missionaries) are starting a photography business and are working on building a portfolio. The husband does an amazing job with portrait images and storytelling images. They needed a pregnant model and thankfully they picked me! :) This is my first pregnancy that has been officially documented with something other than iPhone pictures in front of dirty bathroom mirrors and the pictures he took are gorgeous. What I love most is the story they tell- most of the images were taken in our home- the ones outside are in the plaza in front of our house- the same place I take the kids to play most days. And the busy street I’m standing in the middle of is Blvd. Artigas- the road we live off of. A little mix of the chaos of city life with the beauty of figuring it all out- and waiting, waiting, waiting for the reward ahead. 20150617-FUJI6704 20150618-MFPC2905 20150617-FUJI6717 20150617-FUJI6846 20150618-MFPC2944 20150618-MFPC2927-Edit 20150618-MFPC3031-Edit 20150618-MFPC3009 lg_20150617-FUJI6809-Edit-91 lg_20150618-MFPC2885-Edit-92 20150618-MFPC2937-Edit20150617-FUJI674520150618-MFPC2887


One thought on “Preggo Pictures

  1. GORGEOUS photos! My favorite is the close up of you with the floral crown followed closely by the first one of you laughing. No one will ever accuse our boys of not having good eyesight! We have such beautiful daughter in loves, both inside and out.

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