10 Months

Happy 10 months to the sweetest baby I know.

Wow! My little baby boy is almost a year old- not so baby anymore! Only two more months until the 1-2, I can’t believe it! I know I have not been consistent with these updates, but I found time this month so I figured why not. I have the other months typed out, I just need to get them together and publish them. Anyway, here are the highlights to Jairus 10th month of life:

He has two more teeth!

He started this little guttural sound that he makes when he sees something new or gets excited about something. It is pretty funny.

Along with the guttural sound he started making farting sounds. As if the farting sounds weren’t gross enough, he produces an incredible amount of spit while making them- so much in fact that it drips in large quantities from his chin. And one sound is not enough. These noises will go on for 5 minutes.

Just the other day at Juniper Spring State Park, Jairus went in a canoe for the first time. This also marks the month that he saw a natural spring for the first time.

As many already know from my exclamatory statement on facebook, Jairus started crawling this month! At first he was not too sure, but finally he got more comfortable and now he is moving right along.

Jairus has incredible balancing skills. He balances for minutes at a time, and even has fun playing a little game where he balances and then throws himself forward. He thinks falling is fun as long as someone catches him.

His extreme balancing skills lead him to TAKE HIS FIRST STEP!! That is right, folks! One little itty bitty step, but he did it- 3 different times. That little booger will be walking in no time.

Even though Jairus can crawl he still enjoys walking around while holding onto anything that will support him. He started moving chairs around the house and opening and closing cabinets. His FAVORITE thing is the dishwasher. He loves to come and help mama do the dishes. The only problem is that he would rather take the dishes OUT than put them in; fine when I am taking out clean dishes, not so helpful when I am putting in dirty dishes. He takes the silverware out of the little container and drops it to the ground. So cute and such a little helper. He also likes the fridge but for the same reason that a moth likes a lightbulb- the light.

Jairus also attended his first Pat Parelli clinic. Most of you probably don’t know or care what that is, but for those who do, you know what a monumental, life changing, character shaping moment that was.

His words are becoming more clear and he seems to be mimicking. My mom says that his first word was Pat Parelli…it might be true.

His is still so smiley.

The kid loves the bath, I mean LOVES the bath. He loves the water coming from the faucet and loves splashing around water everywhere. It is so cute. He even loves when I pour water on his head- I can’t wait to take him to a waterfall and see how he likes that.

We are moving again! Back to Pensacola this time- so another road trip is in his future.


2 thoughts on “10 Months

  1. What a precious little pudgy bundle! Now that he’s moving around he’ll lose some of that sweet, tender baby fat, but there will be other fun things about him to make up for it. He is really adorable. Wish Aunt Gene knew enough about what was going on in this world that she knew whose child he is. She would be so thrilled. She really loved those boys. What’s not to love, right? And she would have loved Jordan’s choice, too. She’s about the same physically, a little worse mentally but happy and comfortable. Love to all, Janis Dyke

  2. Left a comment, but it said it was awaiting “moderation.” Don’t know know if that means it got sent or if even this one gets sent!

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