Who is your Rock?

I was on The Resurgence and came across this article entitled “ A Wife’s Testing Ground,” by Jen Smidt. Talk about a good word. This specific paragraph was particularly convicting:

“Who is your Rock?

There is no more heart revealing place for a wife than when her husband is vulnerable. Immediately and with gut-wrenching force, a stumble or struggle from our husbands exposes us to the core. Fear and anxiety leap to the surface as we desperately try to find our footing. We ask ourselves who we can trust to lead us through the uncertainty of this trial when the supposed “leader” is on the side-lines.  Cynicism abounds as we wonder how God could leave us unprotected. If our value is tied to his purity, we will be devastated. If our security is grounded in his job title, we will be shaken. If our faith rides the coattails of his, we will find ourselves drowning in unbelief.

If our husband is our rock, we may be crushed by him.”

Take out “husband,” and insert anyone in your life whom you rely on as a leader and role model. What a great reminder to build only on the ROCK of Christ.

“God is our Rock and where our hope must lie.  The condition of a wife’s heart exposed under the pressure of her husband’s weakness is a glorious opportunity for her to draw near to her Rock and Redeemer. May we take those uncertain moments to pour out confidence in the grace and certainty of Christ to our men. We get to show our husbands that the love of Christ can sustain us both as we hope and pray for them.”


Go and check out the rest of the article, it was such a great help.


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