4 Months

It hasn’t been easy keeping up with this blog thing, but I am working on it. We are moving to Hudson  (more on that soon) so I have spent most of my spare time packing and cleaning and organizing and packing. O, and sleeping. Pretty soon I hope to have this blog all revamped and ready to house a new “chapter” in our life’s book. I just need to learn how to work a computer first and then I’ll be golden.

Anyway, back to Jairus, the one your all here for. Today is Jairus’ 4 month birthday. He is no longer 15 lbs. but 17lbs and 24 inches and that was as of 4 weeks ago. He sure is a big little booger. We leapt from newborn clothes to 6 month clothes and are rapidly moving into 9 month clothes. There were so many cute outfits I had to put away for the next little dude, if indeed the Lord sees fit to give us another boy, otherwise our daughter will have to suffer because some of those outfits are too cute to give up for good.

Jairus still isn’t much of an excited mover. For those mothers out there who know about “tummy time,” Jairus is not a fan and frankly, neither am I. I mean what new mother in their right mind wants to put their child down for even a second, especially when the child in question is as well behaved as Jairus? Not me that is for sure. But a cuddly Jairus and a cuddly mommy results in a fat little baby who still doesn’t do much moving. Not sure if it’s just his laid back demeanor, sheer laziness, or inability to lift his cushy body,  but we are working on it. He has started to grab toys and shake them around and has a hay day when he is on his back- wiggling his little arms and legs making little noises and laughing at his invisible friend. I joke with Jordan that he just found out that he has feet because he will sit and look at them move and move as if he is not the one moving them. It is a sight to see. We are doing more time on the tummy and maybe by the time he is two he will finally be rolling over. I mean you can’t have both a genius and a professional body builder all in one kid. Other babies (and not to mention their parents) would be jealous.

We have also introduced the Bumbo seat into our family. Now most babies at this age fit nicely in the Bumbo seat- Jairus on the other hand fits rather snugly in the seat and sometimes we fear that his chunky little legs will loose blood flow from being snugged in their so tightly. Hopefully he won’t get much bigger so that he can fit in there for a little longer. It is wonderful to have this seat because it allows him to sit up and look around- which he LOVES to do. I put it on the counter while I am making dinner or we place it on the table when we are eating. It allows Jairus to be more involved in what is going on around him. It’s not his favorite, but like tummy time he likes it long enough for it to be mildly useful.

We’ve been told a number of times that Jairus is unusually focused for a baby his age. He’s a thinker, not a doer. He loves to watch what is going on around him and check out all the new things in his view. He will sit and look at the pages of a book while I read the whole thing or talk to me and giggle and coo. He locks his eyes with mine, gives me that look, and makes me melt. I often imagine the day when he is older and gives me that same look-maybe high school when he introduces us to his first girlfriend, maybe his college graduation, or his wedding, or maybe just a few years down the road when he is scared of the dark and snuggles in my arms. I imagine I’ll see that look at lot in his lifetime and I bet it’ll bring tears down the road.

Jairus also found out he has a tongue. He “spits” his tongue at us and moves his tongue around in his mouth and licks his hands and fingers. His hands are always in his mouth and he is constantly slobbering everywhere. The drops of spit coming from his mouth sometimes reach the ground- think Big Daddy and you’ll get the picture. Maybe he’s getting his teeth in and carryin’ on the trend of his father who had 16 teeth before the time he was born. He also started sucking in both of his lips into his mouth, as well as sticking both out in a Zoolander fashion. My parents both agree that Jairus is like his mother was as a baby- a big ol’ face maker.

He still sleeps through the night and has graduated from his swaddle into his sleepers. He sleeps all sprawled out and man like with his hands and arms above his head-enjoying the high life as a baby. Jordan and I still can’t get enough of him. There really is nothing like having a child and we are so blessed that we got such a good looking one….hehe.


3 thoughts on “4 Months

  1. Sara, I love reading your blog. Jairus is SO adorable! I can’t wait to be the cutie patootie! I am dying to see you, too, Sara Bush! Hopefully, I will see you soon now that you are in my neck of the woods! Love you!

  2. Great update. Missing him terribly!!!!!! The pictures are so vivid I just want to reach through and sqeeze and kiss him. Please do it for us!! And he actually has til he’s 1year old to catch up with the number of teeth his daddy had. =) I pray for you that he is a little slower in that area than Jordan. There’s no hurry. Jordan always seemed in hurry to grow up. Praying for you all! Mama B

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