The Longest Post Ever-10-12 Weeks

I started this post when Jairus was 10 weeks. He is almost 12 weeks now. Having one computer and a husband whose job requires much use of the computer makes for little blogging time. So much for weekly recaps.

A little update from our last month.

We returned from our treck to Tampa two weeks ago; bittersweet feelings accompanied a mild thrill of returning back to the life we left for two weeks. We were excited to see everyone again and get back into the swing of things but sad to leave Jordan’s brothers and my family behind.

I’ve written about my grandparents before and the sense of nostalgia that accompanies a visit to their lakeside home. This time was no different. Although flooded with multicolored memories of our childhood adventures, there is definitely an ere of reality that has slowly crept in with adulthood, one deprived of the magic that the naivety of adolescence possesses. I don’t mean that life has lost it’s luster- only that it’s brilliance comes in different places and in different kinds.

My experience has a mother so far is just that- a new sieve through which life is filtered. The Mary Poppins-esque toy drawer in Gran’s kitchen that seemed endlessly filled with toys is no longer captivating because it holds unknown treasures but because my own son may experience its magic every time he ventures to open it. The upper attic which once held the mysteries of distant ancestors on its shelves and rumored ghosts within its rooms is no longer as frightening and alluring as it once was. Instead, I’ve come to see the value of its objects and the innumerable stories they hold of our little guys genealogy; the perfect tools for future imaginative adventures in the attic.

I suppose that’s one of the joys of having children-watching them experience the same world you experienced but in different and new ways.


We had a sweet time with our family.

My grandparents are now the great grand parents to 7 little ones, and of course Jairus is the cutest (hehe…no offense to any family members who might be reading!).  Because of her decades of experience, my grandmother, or gran as the great grandkids call her, is a professional baby lover. She would graciously watch Jairus for me while I went running and would spend that time teaching him how to “talk.” She would coo to him and he would coo back. This would go on for about an hour, Jairus all the while looking at her attentively and smiling. She was impressed with his ability to focus at such a young age and his altogether laid back demeanor.  What can I say? The Lord is faithful to answer prayers with gracious gifts.

My auntie Dacia would come for daily rocking sessions with Jairus. She is by far one of the best rockers in the family. And we had some play time with Sophia, Maseryk, and Isaac. I can’t wait until Jairus is old enough to play with other children. It is so entertaining watching little children interact together, learning important life lessons like sharing while playing with leggos and robots. Hopefully these lessons will stick and they won’t be a bunch of dirty lyin’ bandits….

We spent some more time at Word of Life with Jordan’s brothers and some other amazing brothers and sisters in Christ. I say it every time those three are together but there is something so sweet about brothers. It’s even more sweet because they are men now. Jordan and Brennan had a little wrestling session and they passed around Jairus for kisses and hugs. Uh…I love it.


I never thought I could love so entirely and absolutely that it would make me crazy. I can’t explain the love that I have toward Jairus-all I know is that there is nothing like it in this world except that of Christ. It’s consuming and it multiplies everyday, sometimes in just moments.  I truly believe that this is how we are to love everyone-only loving Jairus comes so naturally while loving others isn’t always so easy. I can’t imagine the love that God has for us if I, a gross sinner, can love someone so much. The height and breadth and length and depth of Christ’s love is far more than I have for our little guy. I praise the Lord for giving me this love for Jairus as I know for others it may not come so easily. He must know that I needed the example of what it really means to love someone.

We had our first (well technically second) drs appointment for Jairus. We have a new pediatrician who is right near our home and we absolutely love him. Such a blessing to find a good doctor literally 3 minutes from our house.

Jairus is…ready for it…14lbs. 15oz!!! That’s almost 15 pounds ya’ll- the size of a typical 5 month old! Fortunately for him the Michelin man body type is the desirable figure in the baby world…if only that were true in the grown up world too… His head is the perfect size despite my sister’s claim that it is abnormally large and his length is right on target as well. All in all we have a chubby, healthy, entirely too handsome for the average eyes son and we are proud.

Jairus smile is contagious. Every morning he and I have some mama son time together and he just smiles and smiles and smiles. Not gonna lie, you have to pull it outta him, but with a smile that cute I wouldn’t just give it away either. He is starting to notice when we walk in and out of rooms and loves to have us in his sight. He is a talker too. He will sit in his crib or car seat and just talk and talk. I talk back and we have great conversations. Jordan reads him a Proverb everyday, and I think he repeats it over and over throughout the day-He’s a prodigy, it’s what they do. He also does this little laugh thing. If you have heard my dad laugh then you know what it sounds like. Ironically, he always does it at the perfect time giving everyone around the giggles too- a smarty pants and a comedian- who knew? He is waving his hands at toys and has started to put his fingers and hands in his mouth. And yes, we get excited about these things. Can’t wait for the day the little butter ball rolls over- we are going to have a party.

I know you are wondering and the answer is yes, he has started sleeping through the night-at least the last 6 or so nights. It has been wonderful, although I miss our midnight snuggly sessions. Sometimes I let him sleep in our bed, especially now that we have a queen size mattress (thanks Jackie). Yup, moving on up in this world. He is pretty much the cutest individual the world has ever seen.

Lots is going on in our world that I can’t wait to share when the time is right. Excited how the Lord has answered pray after prayer.

Hope everyone has a great week. I’ll try to get another update in before the month is out.


One thought on “The Longest Post Ever-10-12 Weeks

  1. This whole entry was so beautiful and just what I needed! Thank you so much for taking the time to do it! I have a terrible and unexplained case of insomnia and this was honey for my heart. You always do a beautiful job of sharing your life and feelings but this one was a particular blessing to me.
    My first Sunday school lesson was very well received and now leaves me in the challenging position of having to recreate a worthy offering. But God is faithful and it is all about Him anyhow so glorifying Him just has to be my focus and He’ll do the rest.
    We missed our Skype date tonight (we fell asleep after a late dinner) but God knows and we will make another date soon. Just let us know what night might work best for you.
    We thank God for you, precious Daughter, and we love you very much. Praying that you will continue to dive deeply into the love of Christ and savor its treasures. Trying to be humble but you make it very difficult not to be proud of you! =) Love to your men! Mama B

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