2 Months + 1 Week

Nine Weeks

That’s how long we have been parents.

That’s how old our not so new newborn is.

This is him last week.

He looks so different now. The little guy has gained about 100 pounds and his second chin is pouring into a third chin. I for one think it’s cute and am totally ok with a little chunk chunk for a baby.

He is so much more aware than even a week ago. His eyes are excited by the world around him and are constantly examining his surroundings for new and unusual sights to see. Cuddly newborn “receiving” blankets have been replaced for socks because they can’t keep up with the tireless kicks of Jairus’ chubby little legs. He recognizes when someone is talking to him and even responds with the cutest little “cooing” sounds I have ever heard.

He is still the perfect baby- no complaints unless he is hungry or tired and sometimes when he needs a diaper change- so content that we don’t even need to give him a pacifier. We are constantly getting compliments about how mellow and relaxed he is and we praise the Lord for such a great first child. And no, he is not yet sleeping through the night, although he is waking up only once at 4:30am and then again at 6:30am followed by a long nap until 9:30 or 10:00am. It’s nice to be up and start getting back into the groove of rising early-days seem so much longer when you rise with the sun!

Just like his mama, Jairus is a morning man- he is awake and alert and happy in the morning and grumpy and whiny when night time rolls around ( it’s about time he reflected something of mine!).  He loves loves loves being rocked to sleep and is still just as cuddly as he was when he was born.

Sunday after church we made the trek to Tampa for Jairus to meet his Gran and Grandad as well as his cousins and second cousins and to visit the uncles again. Tuesday we went to Word of Life and Jairus met many of our friends who have been praying for him and me since they found out I was pregnant. He was kissed and cuddle by a million people and endured a night rally without a peep. He is such a good baby.

He told me later that night that the best part of the whole WOL experience was that he got to see his uncles. Since they were working we didn’t get to spend too much time with them, but we were able to get a few pictures.

Jairus’ face in this picture cracks my cheeks.

 Favorite picture of the day.

We went to see Mrs. Julia and spent some time with his 2nd cousins (we finally figured out what his relation would be to my cousin’s children-sounds silly to say 2nd cousin, right?).

Sophia was by far the most interested in him-rocking him in the bouncy seat and giving him smooches. She even tried to get into the bouncy seat and cuddle with him (we stopped her thinking that may not be the best of ideas).  He also got to experience his first birthday celebration at Masaryk’s 5th birthday party. It was a hoot.

The great grands love him too and are happy to add him to the growing list of great-grandchildren. Jairus and Gran have long conversations and naps together. It’s just so cute.

Hopefully it will stop raining long enough to get some good pictures while we are here. We finally cleared our computer of the 5 years of stuff that filled the hard drive so I can empty my camera and start taking more!

Happy day, all!


One thought on “2 Months + 1 Week

  1. LOVE all of these. We just miss you in there too! Can’t believe what a difference a few weeks makes! When I look back at the picks when the boys visited P-cola he just seems so grown up now! Praise the Lord for good growth and development! It’s just not to be taken for granted. You’re doing a great job. Love you!

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