6+1 Weeks

Seven weeks today we were in the hospital, and although it was the middle of the night, Jordan and I sat in a dark room too joyful to be tired. I was still too weak to hold Jairus because of some minor complications after birth, but my husband was sitting in a chair next to my bed holding our brand new baby. When Jordan went to sleep I just sat up and stared. That little lip was the cutest lip I had ever seen and his round cheeks made me smile because with Jordan and I being his parents, they were inevitable. He was so peaceful and so beautiful. I have never loved anyone so immediately.

I hope to remember that day forever.

I say it every week, but the last two weeks have been HUGE growth weeks for Jairus. In fact, we are officially out of newborn clothing and into 0-3 month clothing (and even too big for some 0-3 months). It is amazing to watch how quickly this little baby grows and to be apart of it each day, writing down little moments and making so many more mental notes. His legs and arms are growing rolls and he is almost too long for his newborn head rest in the car seat.  Today I asked him to smile for mommy, and he did. I was so excited I almost peed my pants. When I tried to record it for a second time and the camera memory card was missing. But I WILL get that on camera because it was the cutest thing ever.

We also went on our first double date with Jairus. Our friends Cassie and Ringl had their baby Sarah exactly a month before Jairus and we went last weekend to the farmers market and a little walk down ton, escaping from the sun for lunch in an antique store with a cute cafe. It was good to get outside and we were grateful to have our husbands with us even though they thought we were a little crazy for wanting to talk a walk in the summer Florida heat. We hope there are more double dates to come and we plan on Sarah and Jairus being great friends when they are older-kind of like the move My Girl, just without the bees.

One of my most favorite things this week is the way that he has learned to look into my eyes. He grabs my eyes with his and holds them-just staring at his mama. He is learning that going to sleep is not as exciting as actually sleeping and that crying can be a means to express emotion as well as make a need known (mostly unhappy emotions about going to bed).

And to answer the sleep question lingering in your mind- he is not yet sleeping through the night, although last night he only woke up once. His sleeping habits have been pretty inconsistent- sleeping between 2-3 hours before getting up- but we are being more intentional on keeping him awake more during the day so that sleep at night will be easier to come by. Someone gave us this little mini bed for him to sleep in. It is supposed to sit in our bed so he can sleep near us without fear of being squished. It has been the biggest blessing- he loves it. I have learned that he likes to be snuggly- he likes snuggling close to us or being in our bed because it is nice and cushy and this new mini bed is just that, so he is sleeping better. Jordan is the best butt patter and can put him to sleep when he has decided he is not quiet ready.

We have decided he’s going to be a little lover. He is quite content alone but sometimes he just wants to be held and he cries for someone to pick him up. He doesn’t require that you bounce him or walk him around he simply wants to snuggle-just like his mother. He rests his head on my chest and wraps his tiny fingers around my arm or grabs hold of my shirt. He falls quiet and I melt.

I could probably go on all night but it’s getting late and I need a shower.

Good night all.


2 thoughts on “6+1 Weeks

  1. This is a great post :) I look forward to many more double dates. That, and mommy-kiddo dates! Can’t wait to use those jogging strollers for all their worth!

  2. He is just too cute for words! These pictures were sweet torture! I love seeing him more alert and interested in the world around him. I just wish we could be there to hold him! We need to skype again soon. Any idea what would be the best time of day to find him awake? You both are doing an awesome job and I can tell that because he looks so contented. =) Love you, Mama B

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