Kingdom Motherhood

One of my favorite websites, girltalk, featured a selection of an article written by Rachel Jankovic-a wife and mother of five little ones. The entire article can be found on the Desiring God blog.

“If you are a Christian woman who loves the Lord, the gospel is important to you. It is easy to become discouraged, thinking that the work you are doing does not matter much. If you were really doing something for Christ you would be out there, somewhere else, doing it. Even if you have a great perspective on your role in the kingdom, it is easy to lose sight of it in the mismatched socks, in the morning sickness, in the dirty dishes. It is easy to confuse intrigue with value, and begin viewing yourself as the least valuable part of the Church.

There are a number of ways in which mothers need to study their own roles, and begin to see them, not as boring and inconsequential, but as home, the headwaters of missions.”

I needed this Word from the Lord today and the wisdom of this woman spoke to my weary heart. I love being a mother but I don’t yet value it or desire it like I desire to go to the tribes. I am discontented with just this, and I plead that the Lord would give us more-more zeal, more ministry, more desire to go.

But this is SO important and this is where God has me today. I have been appointed a wife and mother, given great duties that reach far beyond the kitchen table and diaper changing station.

This is my mission-to train a young boy in the ways of the Lord and it is a great mission indeed.


2 thoughts on “Kingdom Motherhood

  1. And speaking as a mom who raised 3 boys to manhood, when you get to this stage and look back you will be thanking God for every ordinary day that you had to be part of their lives and to build a relationship that you enjoy more than ALMOST anything or anyone else in your life. Other people are great and a blessing but the kinship, love, and shared journey of ‘la familia’ is a treasure set apart and alone. And when you share the joy of not only being physically related but spiritually related too, it just doesn’t get much better than that. Parenting is kinda like childbirth. Once you get past the dailiness of the grind, you hardly remember how hard it was. You are an awesome person and an awesome mom. Keep taking small steps toward the dreams that you have always held dear and let your children in on person that God created you to be and the passions that He has put in your heart. He’ll redeem so many of your current experiences for use at a future time. Can’t wait to see all that God is going to use you to do! Love you to bits and bits. Mama

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