Trek To West Virginia

 As I mentioned before, last week we trekked to West Virginia to see our friends Luke and Erin tie the knot. The joy of marriage becomes sweeter with each and every wedding I attend. I was reminded of our own wedding, my mind flooded with the storehouse of memories surrounding our big day- the people gathered to celebrate, the decorative knick-knacks that still sit in our home, and the vows I promised to my Beloved.

This wedding was charming, thought through with the ultimate intent to glorify the One who brought them together, and sweetly adorned with the covenant promise of best friends madly in love with a love that could only have come from God.

The groom and his wonderful mama

It was an outdoor country-barn-vintage wedding, set on the top of a hill beneath a thick canopy of trees, which provided a cool retreat from the harsh sun.

The tables were scattered with vintage china, clothed with lacey cloth, and set with a birch tree center piece.

It was a beautiful reminder of the love and promises of God for His people- exactly as marriage should be.

Jordan got to have good man time in with a couple of his best buds and I had girl time with a few sweet sisters whom I haven’t seen in sometime. It is always a reminder of the Lord’s goodness and faithfulness to hear of and be a witness to the change that He is working out in His children.

**Sorry there are not more pics of the bride and groom. I learned that having an infant strapped around my body while attempting to take good pictures is harder than it looks. I hope to perfect this skill as time goes on.

Jairus was an enjoyable travel companion. He pretty much slept the whole way up and tolerated being passed around like he was the newest and coolest toy-he laid his charm on em’ and the people just couldn’t get enough.

He wore his diaper to the wedding and hung around in my sling for most of the day. Everyone was amazed at how well behaved and extremely good looking he is. We have most surely been blessed with a great baby.

We arrived back in North Carolina on Saturday night (more like early Sunday morning) and spent Sunday like a bunch of bumps on a log-lounging around like couch potatoes. Our stay with my parents has been an adventure of its own. We ventured to the Amish market and went booking in every surrounding city that had a goodwill. Jairus is quite the travel bug.

My parents dog and cat overcame their jealously toward Jairus and instead have taken an interest in snuggling with him in his bouncy seat. I suppose now is as good a time as any to go ahead and attack those allergies, although I’m not so sure Jairus enjoys the company.

This week could definitely be documented as the week of growth. Jairus seems to grow every day and its amazing to look back just a week ago and see the change. His cheeks are getting poochier and poochier which of course means that he is getting cuter and cuter since cheeks and cuteness are absolutely and positively correlated with one another. He is also getting super strong. To our surprise he has great neck and head control and uses his little legs to push against us. Since he is preparing for strongman, we regularly work out his arm strength and abdominal region. I’m anticipating he’ll get the title. He is learning to put his hands in his mouth and his cry is getting louder and more pronounced (can’t say we are too excited about that one). One of our favorite little growths is the way that he has learned to focus his eyes. He opens his eyes more now than ever and he actually looks at your face rather than at his invisible space friend. He is beginning to become interested in what’s around him and seems to love the light. Those baby blues are getting bluer and clearer- like looking into the crystal blue ocean, and I just can’t get enough of em’.

It’s been fun and while we would love to stay longer Auntie Nats is calling for her nephew to come back. Tomorrow we begin our trek back home-please keep us in your prayers!


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