4 Weeks With Grandpa and Nannie

Although a few days late, Friday marked Jairus 4 week birthday!

He was a little travel bug this week, driving (or riding really) from Florida to North Carolina to West Virginia all in one week. He visited with his grandparents Grandpa and Nannie for a few days until making the trek to West Virginia to witness two of our good friends tie the knot and become united as one in marriage (more on that soon).  I wasn’t too worried about traveling with the little man since he has been such a joy so far- never crying or fussing and altogether content wherever mommy and daddy take him- and the tripped proved to be a great time of encouragement as we were reunited with friends to celebrate such a beautiful occasion.

There is something so special about seeing our parents interact with Jairus. It’s like something clicks when they see their grandchild that makes them different people.















































It sure is fun watching my once scared of newborns mother walk around with Jairus in her arms, showing him all the wonderful things there is to see at Nannies house.

I think he likes it here.


2 thoughts on “4 Weeks With Grandpa and Nannie

  1. So adorable! Thank you so much for posting. I was in desperate need of a Jairus fix for pictures. It seems he’s grown up so much even in the few days since we left! I love seeing your mom and dad holding him too. I feel very bonded to them through him since they are really the only other people in the world who feel about him the way that we do. We’ll be praying that you all have a fantastic visit and that you make many treasured memories. Keep snapping shots for those of us who can never get enough. =) Love to your folks and everyone else too. Proud of you! Mama

  2. I totally agree with you. It’s amazing to see a new side to our parents when we have our own children. I love it :) Miss you friend. You three travel safely!!

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