3 Weeks

Yesterday marks Jairus’ 3 week birthday and today is actually his scheduled “due date.”


3 weeks.

This week has been an exciting one.

Jairus, Jordan and I went on our first walk together as a family. Unfortunately, Jairus was starving so he didn’t last too long before we had to go back inside.

He also had his first father-son nap.

Probably my favorite picture of the week. My two men sleeping together, each with their mouth open.

And family time with our new little guy is one of our favorite hobbies.

Jairus got to meet his other grandparents and basked in their love every minute of their 5 day vacation.

He even got a little shut eye with gramps. Those Bush men sure can nap.

Love how Jairus shelters his eyes from the bright sun with his itty bitty arm.

They kissed his fingers and toes and cheeks and snuggled with him every chance they got. I know he’s going to miss those arms when they are gone, and I’m going to miss them fighting over who gets to cuddle him next.



We also went to the beach for Jairus’ first (of many) beach trips. There was a storm coming in so the sun was hidden behind gray clouds and the wind was blowing strong (as evidenced by our hair in the pictures).

We sat on blankets of sand, laid on beach towels and enjoyed the sounds and sights of the whitest beaches in the world.

Or so they say.

It was delightful.

Another wonderful week of firsts for the little man.


5 thoughts on “3 Weeks

  1. Awww he is so cute!!! It must be hard to be away form both of your parents but its great that they were able to come visit! Jordan and Jairus sleeping together is so stinkin cute:)

  2. So cool to have this reminder even if it did make me disgustingly homesick for that amazing little boy! So proud of you two and how you are flourishing in your new roles. God has done such a beautiful work in your lives and we can’t wait to see what He has planned for the coming year. In our prayers constantly, Mama

  3. Dear Jordan and Sara,
    I am so thankful both Amy and Mike sent this blog-thingy to me (sorry, guess I really am from the older generation even though my whole professional life has to do with digital everything!!) Anyway, I feel so blessed to be able to see the love that God has created in your lives, wow, I wish Grandma and Grandpa Bush could be here to see this. Jordan, your grandmother Bush would still be holding rocking Jairus – til the cows came home and Jairus would think he was in heaven. And Grandpa Bush would be grinning from ear to ear, of course as long as you all took care of him and all the necessities….!!! Grandpa Bush always though there were certain ways things should be done! I am so happy for you all and I hope Mike and Amy get back as soon as possible, each day is precious and cherish them, one by one. All my love always, Great Aunt Sue

  4. Amazing pictures. It certainly looks by the smile on the face of everybody that there is happiness in the arrival of this bundle of joy.
    Very happy for the family. Enjoy them,
    I am enjoying two of my grand-children every day for supper this week while Sandra is in Taiwan. They have soccer & football every night.
    Different joys in the various phases of their life .
    God bless

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