2 Weeks

Today marks Jairus’ two week birthday.

Yes, I am that mom who counts the weeks old of her firstborn, tearfully preparing for the day when he says “I’m not a baby, I’m a big boy.” Maybe this will go on forever, maybe it won’t, but humor me for now. 

Two weeks ago Jairus was born.

That means he is two weeks older.

And two weeks bigger.

A tear.

This week was pretty exciting. Not only did Jairus get to meet his uncles, but his jaundice episode finally saw its end (thank you Lord). He and Jordan went on their first father son trip to Target, he also visited Starbucks, attended his first church service and met his pediatrician.

He is a well traveled newborn.

His eyes are open more often and his old man peach fuzz head is beginning to look a little more hairy.

A Tear.

Jordan has taken the role as Jairus’ official fashion consultant and chooses what onesie he will sport each day. Tonight I overheard him tell Jairus a joke while he was getting him dressed: “Hey Jairus, where did the king keep his armies…? IN HIS SLEEVES…hehehehe…”

That joke reminds me of Papa Bush.

I thought it was a good one.

He also gained 10 ounces.

Another tear.

My mom used to tell me that when we were younger she would sneak into our rooms at night and SQUEEZE us so that we wouldn’t grow any bigger.

I used to think she was weird but now I totally understand and will probably implement such a strategy pretty soon.


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