Bath Time

That’s right, I’m the mother who takes pictures of everything. So many pictures, in fact, that my hard drive on my computer is completely full and we can’t upload any more. So until we can figure out how to use that external hard drive, I have to make do with what we’ve got, and thankfully, I was able to erase enough junk to upload pictures of Jairus’ first bath.

We opted out of the bath the nurses normally give newborns in the hospital, thinking that birth was enough adventure for one weekend without cold water and soap added on. Not the mention vernix- the white stuff all over babies when they are born-supposedly has some great immune protecting properties, so why would we want to wash it off immediately? But after a few little incidents, one in which Jairus peed on his own face, we thought it fair that the little man get a nice little bath.

But he was not excited.

This little slumbering cutie turned into…

this not so happy baby.

But Jordan and I worked as a team and got it done.

And in the end I think Jairus was thankful.

 One of my favorite pictures: Jairus looking up at his daddy.


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