34 Weeks And A Date Night

34 weeks almost 35, which means only 5 more weeks until the little man should be here. YAAAAAAAAA.

I am soooooooooooooo excited for his arrival!

I must admit, the third trimester brought with it some not so fun pregnancy woes, which have been otherwise absent during the last 9 months.

I am huge. Jairus had a little growth spurt a few weeks ago which has made breathing, bending over, sitting, squatting and most other movements all a little more interesting. I constantly bang (not hard, thankfully) my stomach with the car door because I am still not used to how far it sticks out. and I moan and groan when I do things. For some reason weird noises seem to propel my energy. Who knows.

And despite my tummy growth my belly button refuses to become an outty. It is holding on to its inner self and refuses to budge. We’ll see how much longer it can hold out, or hold in I suppose.

At my last appt. my midwife told me that he was going to be a big baby. After I told her I was 10 lbs. when I was born she fainted and when she awoke her eyes were big and wide, utterly amazed and slightly worried that I would be pushing a small toddler out of my body.

Just kidding.

She didn’t faint, but everything else happened.

Jordan was out of town, and I called him that night crying. He asked what was wrong to which I replied, “Are you sure you want to know, its ridiculous.”  Of course he said, “Yes” and so I told him:  “We are going to have a horse of a child…I want a baby to snuggle with and cuddle with, not an elephant.”

He laughed at me.

I did not think it was very funny.

And I know what you are thinking, “Aw, don’t worry everything will be ok with delivery,” OR “It won’t matter how big he is, you will still love him.” Yes, I know both of these things, and I was not crying for either reason.

I was crying because I just want to snuggle with a little baby for a few months and if I give birth to a 20 lb child snuggling just won’t be as fun.

Purely selfish motives I assure you. I am still working on it. Counseling is helping.

Actually we just found out today that I am dilated about 3cm and about 80% effaced. Don’t get out the cigars and wine yet. This could mean nothing at all. But it could also mean that Jairus will be a bit early. We are praying, and asking for your prayers as well, that he would not be too early.  37 weeks is considered a full term pregnancy in so much as they don’t  consider you premature anymore. And if he comes at 37 weeks he will probably be a little bit smaller, which I will selfishly be happy about. But what we don’t want is for him to come in the next couple of weeks because he still has quite a bit of growing to do.

Interesting fact: White males mature the slowest. That’s right, if we were having an African American girl then her coming early wouldn’t be a problem. But we aren’t, at least we don’t think we are, so the little white boy needs some time to get those organs developed.

I have orders to take it easy to make sure I don’t progress labor, but we are putting it in the Lord’s hands because we know that ultimately He is in control and knows the exact moment Jairus will come. There is a great peace in knowing that we have no control and that we can trust in the ONE who does. I praise the Lord for the peace we have in Him, a peace that surpasses the understanding. Without it I would probably be a train wreck right now.

But anyway,

For those of you wondering, I am still peeing too much.

Nausea has come again, accompanied by some pretty horrible cramps. I don’t know what that is about, but it is doubtless one of the most painful things ever. They were probably similar to contractions since I am dilated, but since I have never had a baby I don’t know what contractions feel like. So it remains a mystery. Pregnancy has a way to prepare for birth. Huh, imagine that. I finally decided to fill a sock with rice and stick that thing in the microwave for about 50 seconds to warm it up to a temperature that would suffice to ease the pains. I walk around with the sock, and I sleep with the sock and every hour or so I awaken to pain that reminds me its time to go and reheat the sock.

I love that sock.

Great alternative to a heating pad for those of you like me who are just too cheap to buy one. I like it, and it smells kinda funny too which makes me like it more.

Jairus and I have had a talk and despite my pleas for him to stop employing the use of my organs as his personal punching bags his kicks have only become stronger. I suppose this is a good thing, as we want to raise a strong man. If he were a girl I would be a little worried over the exorbitant amount of strength he utilizes with every kick. There are times when it causes me to jump uncontrollably, and thankfully has only produced real pain a couple of times. He must have Jordan’s energy level. I will miss his kicks when they are gone. It is still my favorite thing about pregnancy.

And he is still hanging to the right leaving me looking all lopsided. I like that too, it’s cute.

And for those of you wondering, I have a slight waddle in my step. It finally came and normally is employed as a means to help ease the pain in my hips when I get up from sitting for 5 hours while working on final papers. Kind of like a pregnant limp. I laugh at myself because its funny and sometimes I waddle for fun because there is no other time in my life when waddling is acceptable.

34 weeks also brought about a wonderfully romantic date night. Jordan secretly bought a gift card to a pizza place near the beach. Neither of us had ever heard about this place, and I was a little worried it was going to be some greasy pizza joint. But it sounded better than cooking dinner that night so we went and God’s grace was exhibited yet again.

It ended up being this romantic little organic pizza cafe right on the beach. We got done eating right before the sunset so we were able to enjoy a relaxing walk along the beach.

We went for a walk on a pier and Jordan took my 34 weeks picture. The sunset was amazing and made me even more grateful for living so close to the beach. It’s easy to forget how gorgeous a simple sunset can be, and I appreciate reminders like the one the other night. It was a cool night and a bit windy. Just perfect for a walk.

It could not have been a more enjoyable evening. I had such a great time with my wonderful husband and we both grubbed on some yummy pizza. I am so thankful for that little date night and the precious time we were able to spend together.

It was a little gift.

Just a perfect little date.


4 thoughts on “34 Weeks And A Date Night

  1. i just love your belly. what a thoughtful hubby you have ! way to go Jordan on the organic pizza! :) miss you girl!!!!

  2. Great update! So thankful for all that God is doing inside of you! We will continue to pray for a well-developed baby. First babies always feel huge, no matter what their actual size, because everything is still tight in there. You will be thankful that you are having your first baby while you are young because it will make your bounce back time that much quicker. So glad you discovered “the sock” and that it helps! I’ve seen those used for neck and back pain and they have them scented with some soothing oils. So proud of what a good mom you already are! Glad your man is taking good care of you too. =) He had a good example to follow! Love you and we look forward to seeing you soon. Mama

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