Prayer- Israel

75% of Israel, God’s chosen people, still remains unreached with the gospel of Christ. In the last few years, Messianic Jews have become more prevalent, but among orthodox Jews and Muslims persecution grows stronger against those who proclaim Christ. The people of Israel are hostile toward the gospel and those who preach Christ crucified.

  • Pray that the Jews would be restored to their Creator and God.
  • Pray that the Muslim’s would see the truths of Christ and the utter futility of their service and works toward Allah.
  • Pray for those enduring persecution, that they would live by the very Word of God and obey Him, not man.
  • Pray for boldness and wisdom for those who are preaching the gospel. That they would be wise as serpents in evangelizing to Muslims and Jews.
  • Pray for churches in the area, that they would be faithful to preach the gospel and not treasure their own lives about Christ. Pray that Christ would be their treasure and their love for God would compel them to share the gospel message with the lost world around them.
  • Praise be to God for establishing churches  in Israel that preach the Gospel faithfully and hold true to the Word of God.

We have a friend in Israel now who has been traveling through different cities, preaching boldly the Word of God to Muslims and Jews. He has endured minor persecution, but by God’s grace is still safe. Pray for his continued boldness in preaching the gospel in TRUTH despite the reaction of Jews and Muslims. Pray that he would fear the Lord and not man. Pray for God to open the eyes of His people through the preaching of His truths. Pray for wisdom and clarity in speech and thought as he evangelizes to both Jews and Muslims. Pray that his trust would be in the Lord.

After about two weeks of sleeping in deserts, fields and forests, he found a church through which he met a pastor who is a converted Jew and is supported by Heart Cry Mission Society. Pray that his time in pray and fellowship with believers would be encouraging and uplifting, reviving his Spirit for the work of the Lord.


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