Celebrating Jairus

Last Thursday Jordan, Natalie, and I loaded up the car and started at around 8:00pm for our treck to Tampa. My grandmother was hosting a baby shower at her house for me and all my family and friends from down south were invited.

Jordan planned on doing books most of the weekend to stay out of the way of the ladies, so Friday he drove to Word of Life to see his brothers and was surprised to find that his mom made a secret trip down to see us! There couldn’t have been a better gift for that weekend and we were both so glad that she could come and share is the baby festivities. There is nothing like having the whole family together to celebrate and I love the added blessing of watching Jordan interact with his brothers. There is something so sweet about seeing three brothers, grown up tall, with their mother snuggled in between their love. It was nice to all be in the same place again, and I was brought back to memories from when our family got together to celebrate…memories I want Jairus to have someday.  Maybe his arrival in May will bring all of us together again, and hopefully Papa Bush can make that trip too since he had to miss out on this one.

Saturday morning we welcomed about 20 of my friends and family to celebrate the little gift growing in my tummy. We were blessed to receive many gifts to finalize our inventory of baby items and my sister, cousin, and grandmother put on a beautiful shower, complete with a delicious arrangement of food.

Beautiful cupcakes by my talented cousin, Dacia


Lemon bars, also by Dacia

Stephanie’s super cool, hand-made “Jairus” wrapping paper

Sweet Rachel


Two lovely ladies

Handsome additions to Jairus’ wardrobe

The man I get my looks from


Best friend, Stephanie and little cousin Harmony

Thank you to all the ladies who made the shower such a sweet time!


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