30 Weeks

The third trimester has finally arrived and I only have nine more weeks until I am “full term” and Baby Bush is considered ready to be welcomed into this world. I still can’t believe how quickly the last few weeks went, and I am hoping time will slow down a bit so I can get some things done before our little guy shows up. I graduate in only 3 weeks and after a few days of graduated glory and sabbath rest on Pensacola’s fine white beaches, I plan to get going on organizing, cleaning, and decorating Jairus’ room, not to mention other areas of our tiny apartment that seem to be overflowing with things we have accumulated over the last 10 months.

Not too much has changed. As I am sure you can guess, I am still peeing all too frequently. I am told that this will let up a bit, but I am starting to think they were lying to me.  I also feel like I have an alien living inside of me, or else worms. He moves more than I ever thought our baby would move inside of me and sometimes his kicks are so hard they catch me off guard and I jump in my seat. I am sure my classmates  think I have some weird problem but they smile awkward and make me feel accepted anyway. And he also plays tricks on Jordan. He will move and move and move and right when Jordan puts his hand on my stomach, movement stops. I think he knows and is giggling on the inside at our frustration. Sometimes we sneak up on him and catch him off guard- That’s right, letting him know whose boss already! He also loves to hang around on one side. My tummy is always bulging a bit to the right and looks a bit lopsided most of the time. O ya! And he got hiccups for the first time last week and has had them a couple of times since then. It was so cool, and now I think I am feeling them all the time-until I realize it’s just my heartbeat. Feeling him move is one of my favorite parts of being pregnant and I will miss it when it’s gone. Although, I know I will enjoy him much more when he is here is my arms.

I think we are becoming used to the idea that pretty soon there will be a little baby in our lives, cute and cuddly and ready to begin life. And he will be our baby- not some other baby that we can hold for a moment and hand back to mom or dad when he or she gets fussy, but our own little guy who we will get to experience and come to know. It is such a sobering thought that we are going to be parents, that he will be looking at us to learn how to do all those little things we learned so long ago and now take for granted. He will draw on walls and tug at our pant legs and give us pouty looks.

I can’t wait for toothless smiles and sleepy eyes and tiny toes and fingers.  I can’t wait to have mommy baby time, trips to the park and walks around the neighborhood. I can’t wait for play dates and birthday parties and when he will tell me all the wonderful things he is learning about Jesus and the Bible. More than ever the Lord is reminding me of how much of a gift children are and how much they give us to be thankful for. They really are life’s zest and I think that without them we would all be boring people talking to ourselves. They add to adventures God takes us on, and I can’t wait to have little adventures with our little guy, learning from his pure perspective on this life and his childlike faith in our wondrous God.

O Lord, please let us rejoice always in the child of our youth and allow him to enrich our lives all the more.


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