I received this letter from a missionary in Japan. We have heard all about the massive disaster from the news but this is a personal testimony from someone living there and gives us a better idea of what we can be praying for.

Please pray for the nation of Japan and that the Lord would use such an enormous disaster for HIS glory in bringing many to salvation.

The massive earthquake in the northern part of Japan was strong enough to shake even our buildings further south here in Osaka a couple of times yesterday afternoon. I’d just gotten home when the first earthquake hit. It felt like you’re riding a small boat in the ocean and just trying to get your bearings. I was confused at first about what was happening and then quickly realized we were having an earthquake. We here in Osaka are fine and all of my co-workers in the areas around Sendai and Tokyo have been accounted for and are safe. Please remember the Quils family in Sendai, closest to the epi-center. They have four children and are without power and running water, but they’re safe in a city where well over half were affected.

Though I badly wanted to stay awake last night to continue pr*ying and watching the news reports, I realized that getting some sleep was probably the best thing to do. Father made me aware of the fact that though we were sleeping on this side of the world, He was supplying significant pr*yer reinforcements, as many awoke to the news and immediately went to their knees in pr*yer. Thank you!

As daylight has shed more light on the extensive damage areas up north like Sendai and Tokyo, it’s just beyond belief. My heart is heavy and burdened for all who are suffering and still waiting to be rescued. Japan has strict building regulations because it’s an earthquake prone country. So the images of damaged buildings, roads, etc shed light on just how powerful the earthquake was. News reports at this time are saying that around 1300 people are still missing or have lost their lives and that is likely to rise. Many are still without electricity or gas in those areas and the weather is still very cold and aftershocks are continuing and are likely to be felt for weeks. Please continue to lift up so many who are hurting physically and emotionally.

Let’s continue to ask for strength and wisdom leaders and rescue workers who are working together tirelessly to reach those who are in great need in the damaged areas. Please continue to ask, too, that many people’s sp*rtual eyes and hearts would be awakened to the One who loves them and is a very present help! May we brothers and sisters here join together and may we have opportunities to share His love, hope, and s@lv*tn to those around us.


There’s been talk most of the afternoon about problems at a nuclear reactor facility up north of Tokyo. I think tonight residents within about 10-20km around that reactor site were evacuated.

For us further away it’s not a concern, but knowing people who live in those areas up north or friends of friends, their safety and staying warm in the cold weather with no electricity or ga is a concern.

There’s also been a problem with basic necessities like water and shelter too, so please pray as people work together to find the best way to help, maximize resources, and limit loss of life.


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