Weekend Update

First of all congrats to Cassie and Ringl on the birth of their baby girl. Sarah Elizabeth was born yesterday, a week earlier than her due date! Jordan and I are going to the hospital to see the little girl and we are so excited. I have been waiting for her to come and praise the Lord for a healthy baby and a good (but long) birth. I can’t wait to hear all the details!! So excited to have another first time mom by my side to go through this experience together. Cassie has been such a blessing to me and I am looking forward to many fun baby times ahead.

This is my favorite picture of them that she posted so far. This is Cassie and her beautiful little girl. I just can’t stop looking at it! Hope she doesn’t mind that I stole it from Twitter.

I also had my first baby shower this weekend. I was wondering why Cassie was not able to attend and I had an inkling that she might have gone into labor. I guess that’s a pretty good reason to miss out.

Judy Dickson, the hosts of all hosts, along with Natalie, the sister of all sisters, put on such a beautiful, fun shower for me. Lots of wonderful ladies came to celebrate little Baby Bush. I love showers because the Lord always uses them to remind me how many wonderful people he has in my life. I am so blessed with so many wonderful ladies.

Natalie and Judy made some DELICIOUS yum yums for the shower, including some amazing muffins and chocolate dipped pineapple and strawberries. Not to mention a spinach quiche that was to die for. I am pretty sure I had 3 pieces.

And Baby Bush got tons of lovely gifts!

Including 3 boppys!

Me and mom and Natalie- who wins the sister of the century award.

Some of the ladies

Alex and me

This is Vickie. She is due at the end of March and is actually going to be my doula. I love this picture of her and Rachel. Looks like all the attention and conversation is on that big belly getting ready to explode. Their expressions make me giggle.

Along with the 3 boppys, I got tons of little blankets, some clothes for when Baby Bush is a little older, medical supplies, an awesome moby sling, a very cozy nursing cover, a wonderful changing pad, a few bibs, a couple of packs of diapers, wipes and other diaper accessories, a couple of books, burp cloths, some nursery decor, and I am sure a few other things I forgot. We got many of the essentials and are ready to start getting the nursery/ bookroom together for the little guy.

Next baby step: clean out the nursery!


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