28 Weeks

There are two things you will notice about the picture:

1. My belly is hanging out. Yes, this is commonplace with most of my shirts and often I can’t even tell because I can’t see the bottom of my belly and the winter draft is gone now that spring has arrived.  Jordan has lovingly named my baby bump my “gut” despite my disdain for the word and the image it awakens in my mind ( I was going to include a picture of the image I get in my mind when the word gut is mentioned, but they were all too repulsive).

2. There is a stain on my shirt. This is also commonplace as my belly gets in the way of falling food or else falls into food while I am cooking. I always have stains or crumbs on my shirt. I am learning to embrace them as a new hip fashion style.

All in all, pregnancy this trimester was wonderful. No complaints really except for frequent urination which has cost us an uncanny amount of money due to a significant increase in toilet paper usage.

Just kidding.

But really, the peeing is just silly. God MUST be laughing at me because I sure do find it humorous.

In other news, my mom graciously bought us a crib and mattress! She is such a great grandma already and so excited for her grandbaby to come. Baby Bush is coming into a family of great grandparents, and I praise the Lord for them. I had amazing grandparents and I know what a blessing Jairus is getting. I only hope they come and visit often.

She also HAD to get him some new clothes for when he is a little bit older…oh grandmothers and their generosity…bless them.

I also have my first baby shower today, which I am sooooo excited about. We had our garage sale and made about $50.00, but there are still leftover garage sale items sitting in Baby Bush’s room, so it’s still in shambles. We are excited about the baby shower since the only supplies we have are diapers. Useful, but not as exciting as other baby items that we are hoping to get.

Still trying to keep perspective. It’s easy to get wrapped up in what our society says a baby NEEDS, and neither Jordan nor I want to raise our child as if the world revolves around him. Of course we want him well taken care of, but we want Christ to always be the center of our home and his little brain. Lord willing that will be the case, but we want to cultivate a heart of thankfulness for all the blessings he is going to receive and we know that begins with thankfulness from his parents.

The Lord reminds me of the orphans in India and how much they lack. We are thankful for them because their life helps us to remember those all around the world who have nothing. It gets us in a “what can we go without” mindset so that we can bless them instead of spoiling ourselves. We still have much to grow in the area of charity and Baby Bush is just another area where we are challenged in really thinking about what we need and what we can go without. We could definitely use some prayers in this area.

Hope your weekend isn’t as rainy as ours, although the weather has made for a few good nap times.


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