Overcoming Shrimp Anxiety

Before I was married my meals consisted of veggies, hummus, peanut butter and other assorted snacky type items. I knew  vegetables weren’t going to cut it for dinner once I got married, and so the journey of attempting to cook healthy and yummo meals for my husband has begun. Thankfully, Jordan is not a steak and potatoes kind of guy (big sigh since I have never cooked a steak in my entire life) but he does like his meat, and on the top of the list: shrimp.

(Does seafood even qualify as meat?)

I don’t know. “Meat” sounds kinda tough for seafood. Anyway-

Like most college students, shrimp has never been on the menu, probably because it costs a bit more than raman noodles and that’s about all us college kids can afford. Nevertheless, every shopping trip I quietly tip-toe past the seafood counter at the grocery store, hoping not to be noticed by the overly helpful employees, conjuring up enough courage to conquer those little white shrimp.

As I was looking through the ads, getting ready for my shopping trip,  I noticed fresh shrimp was $2.00/lb off the normal price. I immediately felt the heat enter my cheeks and little butterflies enter my stomach because I knew the shrimp were calling.

After trying to reason away why we couldn’t get the shrimp I finally gave in. They were having a good sale and considering the other deals I knew I was going to be able to get and the coupons to shave off a few more dollars (not to mention I love my husband and know how much he likes shrimp), I decided this was the week.

The shrimp and I were going to meet.

I might have walked by the counter once during my shopping trip yesterday, still not totally convinced I wanted to take on this endeavor, but I returned victorious, and after a 10 minute discussion with the lady behind the counter (who was giggling at my lack of shrimp knowledge) I left with a pound of shrimp, peeled, deveined and ready for the cookin’.

Jordan loves crunchy shrimp, so I planned on making a coconut crusted shrimp. I later found out that he was going to the hospital to visit a lady from work and wouldn’t have time to come home for dinner. This also meant I wouldn’t have time to prepare what I wanted.

I contemplated keeping the shrimp around for another night, but my ignorant trepidation of contaminated seafood and fear that I would loose all motivation convinced me tonight was the night. So I busted out the pasta and went with a traditional and safe shrimp alfredo.

All went yummy and we are alive today to tell all about it. And believe it or not, shrimp is actually fun to cook. I stir-fried the shrimp with garlic, EVOO and some salt and pepper. I made the pasta and sauce and they went tastefully together. Jordan was a happy camper, and I now stand a little taller having overcome shrimp anxiety.

I made sure to capture this epic moment of my life to remind myself that I still take risks. Unfortunately, I was dumbfounded by the changing of the shrimp from clear and grey to opaque and pinkish that the only pictures I got were of the shrimp cooking.

Shrimp before:

Shrimp after:


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