26 Weeks

I am 26 (almost 27) weeks, which means only 3 more months to go until little Baby Bush arrives!! I am so excited! Not much has changed since my last update; still growing too big for my clothes, peeing too much, and using pregnancy as an opportunity to eat foods I would normally raise my nose at- such as the box of samoas I consumed in two days.  I am officially growing out of my regular non-pregnancy clothes and my tummy is hanging out of most of my t- shirts, but I still have only gained ten pounds- I don’t understand it, but I am ok with it. Probably means I will gain wayyyyy too much in the last trimester. Since my belly is getting bigger my tummy muscles are getting more tired, and by the end of the day my belly is ready for a nap. Last night I went to bed at 9:30- amen.

Jordan and I went in today for another appointment and a tour around the hospital. The hospital tour was extremely helpful and informative. I am excited that the hospital we are delivering at has a laboring tub. Nothing better than a little jacuzzi action to ease the pain of contractions (or so I’m told). I won’t be surprised to find my husband in there without me, relaxing in a tub that can actually accommodate his stunningly handsome and lengthy figure.

Funny the only thing I thought worth mentioning was the labor tub.


They also allow your baby to room with you instead of spending the whole time in  a hospital nursery. I think a home delivery will be our option for the next Bush baby, but we are thankful that our nurse-midwife and the hospital welcome natural births. It sure is going to be an adventure.

O yes and I forgot to mention my favorite pregnancy change thus far- the belly button. We are in the in between stage right now, meaning my belly button is indecisive about its innyness or outtyness. If I push my belly out, my belly button pushes out and looks all sorts of funny. It’s only a matter of time before that thing is poking people in the eye. I was going to get youtube footage of what I like to call my belly button dance, but I decided to spare you.

Not much more going on. Baby Bush’s room is currently the holding cell for all of our garage sale items, which hopefully we can exchange for some moolah to get some cutsie things for his space. I have learned that I dislike each and every crib bedding available for boys, and I desperately wish I could sew something together that does not have cars or animals on it. I suppose I will have to stop being so picky- it’s not like I even remember the bedding on my crib and my child will probably think it’s hideous and outdated when he looks at pictures. Nevertheless, the search continues and my wonderful mother-in-law has agreed to do some needle work if it comes down to it.

Hope to update again soon, but you know how I am with this blogging thing.


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