Christmas Vacation in Review

Since I am awaiting Jordan’s near arrival from his trip to India, I thought it fitting to review the first time we were separated as a newly married couple, this way we can see if the events of his last week even slightly compare to the events of my adventure away from him. Something tells me Jordan is going to have the better deal this time.

The day after Christmas I left  for a 5 day trek through seven of the Southern states to visit the Creation Museum and the Cherokee Indian Reserve. I missed Jordan verrry much (not as much as I miss him right now), but it was an interesting time with my family (as it always is) and we had many-a-laugh and tons more learned about Biblical creation.  One of the major highlights was that the Bush’s (and Dillon) made the 4 hour drive from Pop’s house to spend the day with us.

Lacking time and desire to give a day by day report, I present to you our vacation in picture story form- or the first part of our vacation anyway.  I’m sure you will enjoy it better in pictures anyhow.










Natalie and Kyle looking o so excited to begin their creationist adventure…









The Bush Family + Dylan












The Ray Family- The mustaches have nothing at all to do with creationism, but exemplifies  typical Ray behavior










Padre with the prophets and sister love


One big created family

It was quite the adventure, and I must say, I was impressed with the creation museum.  Maybe sometime I will get the pictures up of the Cherokee Indian Reserve. Since it was an off season it was somewhat uneventful with the exception of a pretty awesome museum and some really cool jewelry purchases. But more on that another time. Jordan returns tomorrow and I am mucho excited for his arrival.  Adios for now!



















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