Jordan Update

Jordan has been in India for a week now and begins his journey back in a couple more days. Luckily, Cody’s phone has been working while they have been over there and I have been able to speak with Jordan a couple of times. The conversations were short, but he shared a few things with me.

Pastor Syam is their only interpreter so the language barrier has been difficult for them. The orphans only speak a little English and many of the older people don’t speak it at all. Jordan told me that they were able to video tape some of the testimonies of the older members of the church and said he was so encouraged by their stories. Through God’s graceful provision they have been able to go to lunch with some of the church members, treating them to what they say was “the best meal’s of their lives.” They have been able to spend a large amount of time with the orphans, getting to know them all a little better. I guess they spent the day at the beach and the kids had a blast (although the men got some sun burns…hehe). They also went to some of the oldest Hindu temples in India and were able to speak briefly with the Hindu priests. Both Cody and Jordan have had the privilege of leading a couple of gospel meetings at the church and supposedly there were some Hindu’s who came to some of the church meetings and heard the gospel…Praise the Lord! I didn’t get much more detail than that, but when I hear all the wonderful stories I will be able to share more.

One last story that I wanted to share is about one of the women who attends Pastor Syam’s church. I guess this woman has a Hindu husband who is not fond of her attending a Christian church; although Christianity is legal it is not looked upon with much favor. She is a believer and attends church weekly despite her husbands disdain for Christians. As a result of her attending church, she suffers regular beatings. I was so heartbroken to hear this story, as we rarely experience this type of thing in America. This woman said that she will continue to attend church and worship God even if it means that her husband beats her to death. I was humbled by this story and hope that it teaches you a lesson as well. We are so blessed in this country to not know what persecution for the sake of the gospel is like, but we need to continually be reminded that there are many who face death for their proclamation of the gospel. Please pray for strength for this lady and a growing love for her Savior. May He be glorified through her sufferings.


That is all I have for now, I will update a bit more later. Pray for Jordan and Cody as they head back to the states. They have about 40 hours of travel ahead of them.

“But rejoice insofar as you share in Christ’s sufferings, that you may also rejoice and be glad when his glory is revealed. If you are insulted for the name of Christ you are blessed, because the Spirit of glory and og God rests upon you.” 1 Peter 4:1-15


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