Prayer- India

Yesterday morning I dropped my wonderful husband off at the airport to begin his trek to India. A woman gracefully followed the Lord’s leading in providing for Jordan and another friend from our church, Cody, to go to India fully paid for. While I am a bit anxious about what is going to happen while he is over there and a little lonely already, I am excited for what the Lord has for both of us, as well as those who they will be ministering to in India.

They are headed to a tiny little town in South India in the state of Andhra Pradesh to visit a pastor friend who owns an orphanage with 16 orphans and 4 widows. We have been talking with this  Indian pastor for almost a year now over SKYPE and email.  Our church decided to begin to support them monthly as they lacked funds for basic needs like food. Jordan and Cody are kind of like the Joshua and Caleb, going in to check out the land, learn more about the church and the people, and see what needs our church might be able to meet in the future.

So this week our church is praying for India. I ask that with our body, you also be praying for Jordan and Cody and that they would be ministers of the good news with much boldness, wisdom, clarity, and above all, truth. Pray that they would be encouraging to the believers they meet and intentional in sharing the gospel. Above all, pray that Christ would be made glorious to all those who hear the gospel and that God would bring many to repentance and salvation.

Some facts about India:

India is a predominantly Hindu nation with Islam as the second most popular religion. Although all religions are welcome in the country there is an increase in persecution of Christians among the nation. The caste system is a very important part of the Hindu culture and as a result, many face serious poverty and inequality. The Lord has used this for His glory as the poor of this nation have been made rich in Him; the lower castes are more open to the gospel than they higher castes of society.


The Church in India is growing and we should be praying for the Lord to raise up preachers and teachers to lead the churches. Also pray that teaching and discipleship would become more readily available for those who are Christians. Like many areas where the population of Christians is small, churches often conform themselves to many different understandings of Christianity. Pray for the Spirit to reveal truth to the leaders and guide them in their study of the Word.

Christian Materials are difficult to come by in the Hindi language. Pray for the many efforts to provide study materials and Bibles in the Hindi language

Minority communities such as the Skih community and the Buddhist Tibetans. Pray that Christians in the country would reach out to these communities and learn more about their culture and languages.

Persecution of Christians is worse in some areas than others. Pray that the Lord would give those who are experiencing persecution comfort from His Spirit and boldness to continue to preach the gospel. Pray that God would get all glory from their suffering.  Gujarat is one place where persecution is prevalent.

Haryana and Himacham Pradesh are two of India’s least evangelized states. Pray for harvesters to go into the field.

Unreached people groups including the Kashmiri Muslims, the Tibetab Buddhists and the high caste Brahmin Pandits of Kashmiri. There are many more unreached people groups to be praying for also.
I will try my best to keep you posted on Jordan and Cody’s journey. They should be arriving in India tonight to meet Pastor for a seven hour car ride into the town where they will be staying. We praise the Lord for a save journey thus far.


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