20 Weeks

It’s a boy!

Last Thursday Jordan and I went to the doctor and found out our little womb dweller is a he! For those of you who don’ know, Jordan, out of fear that he would not have any idea what to do with a girl, prayed and hoped for a little boy. Well, God cares about the little things and gracefully blessed us with a little baby boy.

Introducing the newest Bush Boy…

We were blessed to find out that he is growing very nicely and is actually a little big for his age. His heart, brain, spine, the cord and everything else look nice and healthy. Praise the Lord for weaving him together so beautifully and without any complications thus far.
Here are some other ultrasound pictures…
His little tiny foot
We are proud that he showed his boy parts so clearly!
Kinda creepy, but cool. This is his spine.
A little baby ribcage

More baby news: I was able to feel a little kick from the outside of my belly the other night. He is getting stronger and bigger. He is fluttering around more than ever and I can’t wait until Jordan gets to feel him!

Oh yes, and for those awaiting the food measurement, he is the length of a banana and weighed 11 ounces last week. Nearly a pound!

We still are not yet sure of the name. We have one in mind that we really like, but we are still throwing around possibilities. I think we need to have some options. What if the little guy comes out and looks like someone other than the names we picked? I’m not a big fan of the American naming system. I think like many other cultures we should wait to pick a name that fits the child, rather than birth a child who is already named. But what do I know? I’m alone in this and Jordan is pretty set on a name, but we are not revealing anything yet (although most already know).

As for nursery news. I cleaned out the closet in the nursery-to-be but that’s about it. We are looking for a crib that isn’t going to rob us out of house and home and I plan to swap the two desk’s we have around. I am going to use a cute little vintage green desk that was gifted to me by my cousin as the changing table and dresser space. The little man already has books and clothes to last him a few good weeks and a pair of the cutest little tennis shoes from his wonderful uncles.

Oh and for those who love all the little details of pregnancy, (Erin Wilson…happy birthday by the way!) I have been peeing more than ever, and if you don’t know about my pea size bladder, that’s a lot of peeing. Only now it’s just a little at a time. I feel like the bigger my uterus gets the smaller my bladder gets. I have also started running a few times a week again, which I am soooo excited about. But when I run the little guy finds comfort right near my bladder. I have contemplated peeing in people’s back yards while I am running because I have had to go so bad at times! I know, gross, but pretty funny and I am sure the little dude is giggling at how many times mommy has to go.

Well that’s about it for now. Sorry no picture of the belly this week, I don’t have a photographer.

Maybe next week.

Adios all!




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