Prayer- Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the nations that I have been praying for for many years and I am so excited that this week we get to pray for them. I know a couple of missionaries in the country and the Lord is surely doing a great work in many different locations and people groups.

Indonesia is the fastest growing Muslim nation in the world, with a small percentage of practicing Hindus on specific islands. Catholicism and Christianity are also active within the nation but their influence in increasingly less and less as Islam expands and becomes the favored religion.  Also, traditional Animism infiltrates both the Hindu and Muslim population and is a large part of the indigenous culture in Indonesia.

Prayer for Indonesia:

  • Pray for the government leaders- that they will make choices for their nation and it’s people, which will allow for the gospel to continue to reach the Indonesian borders without too much opposition. Pray also that the Lord would open their eyes and use converts to infiltrate within the government. 
  • The Church- Because of the lack of believers within the country, many churches don’t have teachers to disciple and instruct the flock. Lack of instruction leads to fallacies within the church, allowing animism and occultism to infiltrate Christian churches and pervert the gospel. Further, many churches are preaching prosperity gospels for the sake of producing numbers. Pray that the Lord would purify His church and cleanse it of false teachers and false doctrine. Pray more harvesters into the field to teach and disciple believers. Pray that believers would strictly rely on the Word of God and not on the tradition of man.
  • Persecution- Because of strict adherence to Islam many converts face persecution and abandonment by their families. Pray for strength and boldness in living as light and for a strong testimony for Christ during persecution.
  • Bible Translation is a huge need in Indonesia because of the large number of unreached, indigenous people groups.  According to the Joshua Project, there are still 203 unreached people groups in Indonesia. Many of these groups speak different languages and dialects, requiring special training for language acquisition and Bible translation training. Pray that the Lord will raise up believers to go to these groups and provide them efficiency in learning the language and translating the Bible. Pray for understanding for these people groups as many are new to any foreign outsider and have never heard of Christ before.
  • Unreached people groups- pray that the Lord would send out laborers for the harvest of those who have yet to hear of the Gospel. Below are some specific names of unreached people groups according to the Joshua Project.
Minangkabau, Padang
Jawa Pesisir Lor
Jawa Mancanegari
Jawa Banyumasan

You can click each and it will bring you to  the Joshua Project website for more information.


I compiled a list of specific prayer requests from missionaries that we know over in Indonesia. Some are Bible translators living in indigenous people groups, others live in small rural towns, and still others in bigger cities. Out of request for privacy and for the sake of their safety I have been asked not to share names or specific locations.

  • Pray for proficiency in language acquisition, for steadfastness and perseverance in translating the Bible, and language tests they must pass in order to remain in the country.
  • Pray for ease in obtaining visas and for support for those who are in financial need.
  • Pray for understanding for the people and for opportunity and creativity to share the gospel.
  • Pray for converts who may be in danger or are experiencing abandonment from their families.
  • Pray for the safety of the missionaries.
  • Pray for teaching materials.
  • Pray that the people who come to know Christ will be zealous to go and preach this good news to others in their city or people group.
  • Pray for the children of the missionaries that they would adapt to the culture easily and actively pursue a part in preaching the gospel. Pray also for the health of infants who are being raised outside of cities far from medical aid.
  • Pray for sickness among the indigenous people groups who do not have access to medical aid and for wisdom and skill for the missionaries to help in whatever way they can.
  • Pray for training and preparation for those who are about to go into the harvest.

These are a few requests of many. Please join in prayer for the people of Indonesia.



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