Prayer- China

This week we are praying for China. Like Korea, China’s government seeks to eliminate all religions. The Communist party recognizes only 85,00 believers for Buddhism, Daoism, Islam, Catholicism and Protestantism combined, with some 85,000 registered meeting places. The majority follow Doaism and Buddhism, with Islam dominant in a few regions. Because of the strict government,  religious numbers are only estimates. Many registered Christian churches are prohibited from preaching the true gospel of Jesus Christ because of regulation by the government. As a result, many Christians are part of the underground church.

Prayer Requests

Communist government party- which numbers 60m members, many of which are atheists. There are some secret Christians that are a part of the party. Please pray for the fall of the communist government, a bold witness for those Christians who are a part of the party, and for the conversion of the party members.

Underground church- pray for growth and boldness for those who are a part of the underground church. Pray that the Lord, through tribulation and persecution, would strengthen their faith and their testimony. Lack of proper teaching has led to extreme legalism and false doctrine. Pray that the Word of God would reach these churches and for the preaching and teaching going on in each of them.  Pray for the wisdom to use contacts and communications with Christians around the world.

Families- due to the one child policy the Chinese social system has experienced an increase in abortion, divorce, suicide, and abandonment. Because boys are the prized gender, many female children are abandoned or aborted, leaving a huge number of marriageable unmarried men. Men outnumber women by 30-40% in some areas and as a result, there has been an increase in incest, rape, prostitution, and the spread of AIDS. Pray for family stability and health and for policies to be implemented that will help to stabilize the population.

The Three Self Patriotic Movement- was implemented to encourage the interface between the government and the Church. As a result, the gospel has been perverted and the government controls all church related activities. Pray for the neutralization of all measures that import un-biblical doctrine, pray for the leaders who compromise the faith, that they would be brought to a realization of the truth of the gospel and repent. Pray for training to raise up pastors as many churches lack pastors who preach the truth of the Word. Pray for the Lord to cleanse the churches involved in this movement.

Buddhism/ Doaism– pray for followers of these religions, that the Lord would open their eyes to truth and give them freedom from the slavery of these religions.

Youth- Many of the youth have been inducted in the Cultural Revolution Red Guards, which influence the moral culture of younger generations.  Pray for freedom in the gospel, that they might find hope in Christ.


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