Laborin’ in Nawlins’

Last weekend was labor day weekend, which meant NO SCHOOL on Monday. WOOOWHOOO!! We decided it would be a great weekend to take a little trip since I had a whole extra day to get homework done.  New Orleans was on our mind so we set out with Jen and Alex for a day of beignets, coffee, urban outfitters, and…o ya…BOOKS!

Our first stop was a cute little cafe called The Royal Street Cafe. IT was the cutest cafe with wonderful green lemon grass ice tea and grilled cheeses. I had a yummo seared tuna salad. A cute environment and delicious food. From there we headed to this amazing little book store named Arcadian Books and Prints.

Aren’t those doors amazing?

It was like walking into a whole new world, where everything was made of books. From the floor to the ceiling books were packed in, with only enough room to slide by these unique treasures. There were little corners of books and secret passage ways of books.

Books on the floor, books on the ceiling, books on chairs on and egg crates.

Reminded me of a scene that should be inserted into Alice in Wonderland, somewhat mystical and altogether unbelievable. It was the most incredible book store I have ever seen.

We left Jordan there to do some booking, since he obviously was going to be there for a while, and set out to find a neat little coffee shop called the Royal Blend. It has the most delicious chai tea I have ever had, freshly brewed from tea leaves instead of a sugary mix in like the local starbucks. Alex had their coconut latte which was one of the BEST lattes I have ever had.

Don’t we look excited for our yummy beverages?

After coffee we went to Urban Outfitters. It is the only one close to Pensacola, so Alex made sure to stock up. Too bad their clothing is wayyyy to pricey because they did have some cute finds! Jordan met up with us and we went for some world famous beignets at Cafe De Monde. He had his first taste of those sugary deep fried doughnuts before we headed back home.

It was a great day with friends and we were too pooped to pop when we got back home late Monday night.


2 thoughts on “Laborin’ in Nawlins’

  1. That book store is so adorable!! i would definitely be in there for hours and hours!!! How long did it take you to get there? When Emmanuel is finally stationed at A school in pensacola we want to go over to New Orleans:)

    I love anthropologie and urban outfitters but half the time you can find something similar at a thrift store for much much much cheaper!!

  2. Hi guys,
    Sara, I have been, so enjoying your posts. Even though I haven’t met you, I can say you are charming, fun, love the Lor, and Jordon..
    I was most impressed with your post and the homeless man.
    Jordon, I only remember you as a little boy.
    Read emails from Mike as you matured.
    Congrats you two on your marriage and may God give you both the desires of your hearts.

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