Welcome Home Bush’s!

Well, Thursday we made the treck from Tampa to our new home in the Panhandle. Our car reminded me of the cartoons I watched as a kid, the one where the family went on vacation and there was so much stuff that all the doors were bulging out to the side and the kids faces were pressed aganist the window. Yup, that was Jordan and I as we made our way up to Pensacola to move into our new apartment.

Not gonna lie, I was dreading having to unpack again, and then organizing the house, all the while preparing and doing work for the first day of classes. Not only did we have our sardine stuffed car, but we also had a little storage unit packed to the rim, as well as the rest of Jordan’s life which has been stored at my parents house for the summer (and about a milllllion books included in all that).

When we arrived, Natalie stepped out with our key and as we opened the door, I about peed my pants! Natalie and some friends had moved out little storage until into our apartment! And not just moved it in, but unpacked it. Every dish was put away, every piece of clothing was hung in the closet and all our wedding decorations were now decorations in our home! What a wonderful surprise…and  a great blessing! Props to my husband who collaborated on this surprise and didn’t give it away!

In all our excitement Jordan forgot to carry me over the threshold-even after having talked about it like 30 seconds before. We didn’t spend the first night in our home since there was a bare twin mattress and our drive was crowded enough as it was, but stayed at APT323 instead and woke up Friday to unpack everything that we had in our car. My parents arrived around 7:00 pm with a trailer full of THINGS.

Mind you, I hate things. I have made it a point to rid our little apt of anything we have not used in the past couple of years, and have even purged many of my classic books in order to make room…sad, I know. So when my parents arrived with boxes containing every memory of my childhood and every book from their 22ish years of marriage I had a moment. Here is a picture after almost a days full of unpacking.

But again, with the help of a wonderful sister and a great friend we got to it. It’s Wednesday now, and we are still doing little things here and there, picture frames, decorations, etc. but we are making headway. We have a pile of things to give to salvo, a pile to sell, and a pile that I still don’t know what to do with, but I praise the Lord for such wonderful friends and family who went out of their way to make this empty apartment our new home.

Welcome home, Bush’s.


One thought on “Welcome Home Bush’s!

  1. Awww congrats on getting everything moved in:) Its always nice to have a sister to help! If emmanuel does end up being stationed in pensacola for his training I definitely want a visit!!

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