Worry Wrinkles

If there is one thing that I am learning it’s that the flesh is never content. Marriage has been a wonderful reminder of this as it has become the new challenge against the flesh and its evil and temporary desires. I heard it before but didn’t think it altogether true-marriage makes your even more aware of your selfish desires and your temporal mind. But praise be to God because, like I have said before, He is using it to make me more like Him! I am thankful for a God that does not leave us stranded in our shameful sin.

Back again to Ephesians which has captivated me anew the last couple of weeks. Ironically, Ephesians has the “marriage” chapter-chapter 5- but I have found so many more truths relevant to my marriage before even reaching chapter 5…

hmm image that…

God is Sovereign…

Anyway, today I was in ch. 4

Paul commands that we “put off the old life which is corrupt through its deceitful desires (v.22). Often my desires for our marriage, my feelings, emotions, Jordan, our home, school and every thing in between become the spark that ignites the futile thinking of my own mind (17).  If I continue in my vain thinking I am angered and wrathful, slanderous and clamorous, (v.31) seeking all for myself and none for those around me, specifically my husband.

But, I have been given a choice…

I have been renewed (v.23)

My mind is no longer a slave to evil desires because I have been given a choice to put away falsehood (v.25). Interesting this is all placed before the verse that warns not to give place to the devil. WHAT!!!! I have a choice of giving or taking power away from the devil?

I’ll take the latter on behalf of Christ thank you very much.

Through the renewing of my mind I am given victory. (Duh! Remember Philippians 4:6)

I can, because of Christ, choose to be tender-hearted, kind and forgiving. Further, if I desire anything other than the glory of God and HIS eternal treasures, if my desires are self-pleasing and self-glorifying than I can be assured that wrath, clamor, anger and bitterness will run wild and spoil me leaving me with futile thinking and worry wrinkles between my eyes…neither of which sound very appealing.

The therefore of chapter 5 sums this up well…

Therefore, be imitators of God, as beloved children and walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and a sacrifice to God.


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