Coupon Update…For All The Unbelievers

Yes, I know you are out there. Those of you who doubt coupons thriftiness, those who scowl in the line at women who pull out their coupon binders when checking out (yes, in case you were wondering I have one of those binders), those who are too cool for coupon school. Well here is some hard evidence.

Now before I get all crazy let it be known that we have been living off Word of Life food. Not only does that explain my 10 pound weight gain, but also our low grocery store bills. We don’t need to buy food so at this point, I buy only  great deals and only what I can store.

The first time I went on my coupon adventure my heart was racing as I approached the black belt. Coupons were sticking to my sweaty palms as I tried to hand them over to the cashier and I could have sworn everyone in the whole store stopped to see my flounder as she began to scan the bar codes. Slowly, my $0.00 savings was moving up…and up…and up…until it reached the big $13.00 mark. That’s the climax, I told you our bills weren’t over the top yet. But get this, I only spent $9.00! That’s right doubters, spent $9.00, saved $13.00. I was stoked.

And today I went out again. God bless Publix and their BOGO deals…seriously. Anyway, same nervous heartbeat as I approached the counter. This might sound stupid now but wait until you spend hours in the store trying to figure out which items match which coupons only to find that the coupons you used were either expired or else you read them wrong (the latter seems to be a normality for me). But today the savings were better! I spent $12.00 and saved $21.00! YAAWHOO! And what’s so great is that my savings were on expensive items like tampons and boys deodorant!

So for all those out there who are still doubting, shame on you and sympathy to your wallets and bank accounts. Get on this train, and if anyone has anymore coupon tips or crazy money saving adventures I would LOVE to hear them.

More to come as this as we invest in food not made by Sysco. Adios for now.


3 thoughts on “Coupon Update…For All The Unbelievers

  1. I love coupons!!! i seriously spent at least 2 hours this morning finding ones online and printing them out:):) Its the best when you find a BOGO and have another one for a dollar off so you get 2 for close to nothing!!!

    But i totally feel the same way when i hand my coupons over and they give you this “look” but if it means saving money they can give me all the “looks” they want!

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