A Brief Update

After a hiatus I return with the happenings…

  • lost my engagement ring. Cried a lot and learned a lesson about the treasures of this world
  • found a place to live!! at the perfect time too (more to come on this in the near future)
  • decided I am going to write a Bible study for women with eating disorders
  • my wonderful husband started a blog all his own. Check it out at purchasedforaprice.wordpress.com
  • discovered a new affinity for Ovaltine after my grandmother gave me a free container of it. I am almost out…more Ovaltine please…
  • found a fun new blog with amazingly healthy recipes and runners- neverhomemaker
  • finished Radical and Gripped by the Greatness of God and started reading The Excellent Wife

So it has been pretty eventful here. I am excited for what the Lord has next, but I am not sure that there is still enough time left in the summer. Until next time (which hopefully won’t be as long as last time) good night.


2 thoughts on “A Brief Update

  1. You will LOVE The Excellent Wife. I just finished it a few weeks ago. It is so full of Scriptural truth and directions. Very challenging. She just puts the Word in front of you, and you have to respond. Highly recommended!

  2. Aww im so sorry you lost your ring:(:(:(

    Neverhomemaker is one of my favorite sites!!!!!!!

    edibleperspective.com, ohsheglows.com, and peasandthankyou.com, and fitnessista.com are also favs:):)

    praying for you guys!

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