2 Months Down…A Lifetime To Go.


My husband is wonderful. Our 2 month anniversary was last week and he brought me a dozen red roses! But that is not why I think he is wonderful. He wrote me a letter with my roses and in it he wrote “Paul said ‘this was to make us rely not on ourselves, but on God who raises the dead.’ We have a God of hope and a God of strength, ‘He remembers our frame; He knows that we are but dust.” Even when I act like a crazy mean old hag, his love continues and he remains steadfast in striving to please the Lord. That is why he is the most wonderful husband of all, that’s right, OF ALL so be jealous.

Amen. Thank you God for a wonderful husband.


One thought on “2 Months Down…A Lifetime To Go.

  1. I dont know love im pretty sure Grant has had the most wonderful husband OF ALL title for just a bit longer, but I guess he’s willing to SHARE if the right man has succeeded in wooing his beautiful bride the way she should be and being the Godly husband that holds us accountable even when we are old hags (and forgives us too) and a million other things our beloveds do :)

    Love you and I can’t believe it’s already been 2 months! It flies so quickly!

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