Extreme Makeover…Conference Center Edition

We have been living at beautiful Word of Life in bright sunny florida for about four weeks now. When we arrived we were put into a nice room with two queen size beds and the beach theme written all over. Not to mention a number of different holes in the wall that I had to find a way to cover up. (thanks WOL Bible institute students). It has been fun finding ways to decorate and make this place home. Many of the decorations we are going to have in our home are from the wedding, and so I brought a few here this summer and also raided a few closets here to find some goodies.  We bought an ikea book shelf that serves as a room divider, and replaced the extra bed with a couple of chairs and a little table to create a “living room”. It’s looking much more comfortable and inviting. Check out some of our fun decor!

Unfortunately, no one really comes and visits. Something about newly weds everyone is scared of…hm…must be because we are so in love, creeps people out I guess. Oh well, I’ll probably never understand.


4 thoughts on “Extreme Makeover…Conference Center Edition

  1. i love it! you were just about the only one that came to visit us, well lived with us on your days off. :) even now we dont get many visitors. i love you and miss you so very much and look forward to reading your blogs! we are praying daily for camp and staff and you!

  2. I love how the book on the top shelf all the way to the right is The Complete Prenuptial Agreement… lol

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