Oh My Coupons!!!

Coupons. Never used them until I got into college and even then, it was only when I remembered to sort through the overflowing abyss of coupons to find one that was not expired in order to save $.75. Hardly worth the finding, cutting and organizing process. Oh but there is another way.

Publix, thank you for your buy one get one products and your coupon policies, maybe more people will get crazy over coupons like me when they begin to understand how truly wonderful you are. That’s right, Publix is da bomb. Let me tell you why

For buy one get one free products, you can use a coupon on both

You can use BOTH a manufacturers coupon and a store coupon on top of each other

Publix will honor coupons from other stores

For example… Lets say I walk into Publix to buy some yogurt because I have a couple coupons. To my wonderful surprise, its buy one get one free. After doing a little dance I get the yogurt and proceed to the self check out line. Remembering I hate the self check out line because it takes forever and always gets messed up I back out and move to the little old lady in check out line 3. The activa yogurt I am purchasing (keeping that digestive tract in tact) is eh about $3.00 for a 4 pack.  I give the nice old lady my $1.00 off coupon for both packs of active. Since one pack is already free, it really works out to be $2.00 off my $3.00 yogurt. So I am paying $1.00 for two 4 packs of yogurt. And you think it can’t get better, BUT WAIT. I remember that I have another Active coupon from Walmart. Remembering that my neighborhood Publix honors other stores coupons, I give her my $.50 coupon, actually I give her TWO $.50 coupons (remember one fore each) adding up to a hefty $3.00 off my $3.00 yogurt. Yes, do the math…FREEEEEEE. Two packs of yogurt FREEEE. All because I took the time to cut out coupons.

And it gets even better when you get so good that the grocery store owes you money. Remember my friend Karin? She went to the grocery store the other day, spent $30.00 and saved $50.00!!!!!! I know, I almost peeed my pants too. It is crazy how you can expand your money when you just take the time. That is what I call stewardship.

While we don’t really need groceries since we are here at WOL, I have begun to collect coupons that will be good well into the end of the year. This is my coupon collection prior to life change organization.

And here my friends is the finished product

Thats right, call me a nerd if you must, but when you get sooooooo many coupons this makes it much easier to manage and way less intimidating. The notebook was free from grammy, and the sleeves are for card collections and they were at WALMART 35 pages for $6.00. Pretty good deal I think.

I think its worth a try, and if I can save as much money as I hope to I can use the difference to purchase organic and natural products that tend to be a bit more expensive. Oh, the wonders of couponing.


2 thoughts on “Oh My Coupons!!!

  1. Sara!

    I am amazed! It is so cool to see all the ways that you are able to be a wonderful steward of what God has given you! Can you disciple me before I get married? :) This is so cooL!

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