There is a little flu going around on campus and unfortunately my husband and I have caught the bug. So we have been in our room all day barfing (and other more unpleasant things). But count it all joy, right? We have been able to spend a whole day together, lounging around enjoying each others company, and despite the frequent trips to the bathroom, and the achy body pains, we have had a wonderful time.  I took this day to get some reading done and thought I might start a blog series about books…BOOKWORM shall be the temporary name. Here are the few that I am currently reading.

Radical by David Platt I feel as though this book has been mentioned enough for you to have an idea about its material. I definitely recommend it, very challenging. This website offers additional materials and sermons that go along with the book here:

Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert

This little classic was a purchase from one of our many book hunting endeavors. Jordan sells books on the internet and we go to book sales and book stores to buy books to later re-sell them online. He normally goes book searching  for a few hours while I enjoy a cup o’ joe and a good read until he is done. I must say, I really do enjoy those times. This book is about the life of a women who is trapped a small town dreaming of a more exciting and fanciful life. She loves to read and meets a man who has a collection of books. At first it seems a little feminist, but as I read it seems to be a critique on the knowledge and materials, such as books, that influence traditional worldviews and acceptable social roles. Pretty good so far, and not really a hard read.

Gripped by the Greatness of God by James Macdonald

This book is another one of my favorites. It is a study through certain chapters in Isaiah that outline specific characteristics of God. It goes verse by verse through some of the more popular portions of the book offering a little study at the end of each chapter. Again, a challenging book that you should take your time getting through. Macdonald has some wonderful insights.

Well that’s it for the 1st edition of BOOKWORM. Sick days aren’t so bad when you have challenging literature by your side.


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