The Trail to Attica

We were soooooo excited to go and visit Miss Kaylee Choate whom we have not seen for TWO YEARS! We drove from Bemidiji where we visited Grant and Heather, to Attica NY in two days where we spent the night with Kaylee, driving through Canada to visit the timeless Niagara Falls.

Let me be the first to say that Canada has da-bomb side of the falls. Unfortunately, my camera died after I took two pictures at the falls, so sorry the views are not that great. Jordan and I both decided that the falls are much more beautiful from far away. So if you go to visit, just stay in your car a few 100 yards back, they look WAY more majestic; Something about standing on top of the falls makes them seem less powerful.

Kaylee took us on a tour around Attica. Taking a whole 20 minutes, the tour took us to crooked standing houses that were moved when a fault line shifted and to the famous Attica prison which houses the man who killed John Lennon. We went to an AMAZING Italian restaurant where we all ate too much. The following day we went on a little hike behind their house. There family is blessed to live right near a river that has  a beautiful waterfall (was I supposed to grow up there?). We put on our boots and went-a-trecking.

I loved Kaylee’s house and I loved spending time with her. She is such a wonderful sister and I am thankful that the Lord did not let our year at the BI end before we were able to get to know one another. I hope to visit her soon, maybe make our way to the fertile finger lakes.

I left her house with the following (this may give you an idea as to why we are friends):
– Piece of driftwood for our house (which I plan to make into a nice little coat rack)
– A baby mammoth sunflower
– A rock from the river
– Flowers that my wonderful husband picked for me and flowers Kaylee picked
– sunflower seeds ready to plant

It was a refreshing time with Grant, Heather and Kaylee, and the food was fabulous (especially since we have been living on potatoes $ .98 for a huge bag- check yes!, oatmeal and spaghetti!). We are blessed to have such wonderful friends.

Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up!  Ecc 4:9-10


One thought on “The Trail to Attica

  1. I am SO excited for you and jealous of your amazing adventure :)
    I have a great place you can plant some of those sunflower seeds ;) Love you!

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