Treck to MT

The second half of our MT road trip consisted of gorgeous mountain views and western wildlife. We decided to neglect the guidance of our ever so faithful Magnus (haha riiigggghhhttt) and take the route less traveled by your typical “fastest route” GPS system. Instead of taking the interstate the whole way, we went NW through both the Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park, and boy was it worth it. My wonderful husband, who will now and forever be referred to as Griz, has never been West past Michigan and did not believe me when I told him the mountain views out this way were nothing like the familiar Adirondacks. As we entered the Tetons, he finally understood. Words and pictures do not come close to the magnitude of the beautiful views that we saw, but here are a few pictures to give you an idea.

We worked our way through the snowy Teton’s and into Yellowstone Nat’l Park. Luckily, the South entrance opened the week before our arrival (another one of God’s perfectly orchestrated details). The Griz (my amazing husband for those of you who already forgot) almost immediately began praying to see Bison, a prayer that was eventually answered and followed by petitioning the Father to allow us the privilege of “murking a bear with our car” (I followed that prayer with a plead that this murking would not sabotage our vehicle.) Again, showing His faithfulness the Lord brought us into a couple herds of bison! :) The Griz was mucho excited as you can see from his boyish smiles.

After our fill of hot springs, Bison and Elk we made our way out of the park and into Montana to our destination in Stevensville.


One thought on “Treck to MT

  1. These pictures are AMAZING! I can’t believe there is still snow on the ground in some places!
    And Bison?! I thought those were only real in movies ;)

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