The Scenic Route

I thought it would be fun to give a little re-run of the honeymoon thus far, and  include some pictures so all may see what we have been up to. We went from Tyron, NC and traveled to a little town called Ferguson to stay at the Leatherwood Ranch in a cabin accurately named Cloud 9 for two nights. My most wonderful bridesmaids went before us to create the most beautiful honeymoon suite I have ever seen! There were candles EVERYWHERE and flower petals lining the stairs into the bedroom. It was all that I had pictured my honeymoon suite to look like. THanks again ladies!

Cloud 9 was a beautiful place to spend our first two nights. Completely secluded, it offered a gorgeous mountain view with both a fireplace and a hot tub (my husband is da bomb). And a thanks to Chef Antionio who provided us with bangin’ food for the first couple nights!

Here we are smoochin on the porch.

And thats all you need to know about that night. :)

From Leatherwood we began our treck to MT!!! Fortunately (and sometimes unfortunately) we are the owners of a nice little device called a GPS which all too often leads us astray. We call her Maggie the Magellan, most recently renamed Magnus by my handsome husband (a name more fitting for her cantankerous leadership).  She decided to take us on the scenic tour through TN, KY and VA. This time it was a delightful drive that provided beautiful scenery for some nice photo ops.

This was a cute little house in TN snuggled between the mountains. I just loved the colors!

And the treck continues! but for now I must go…we have driving to do!


One thought on “The Scenic Route

  1. How beautiful and exciting! I can’t imagine a better way to spend time along and together. So happy for you both (and keep those pictures coming!!) :)

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